5 Running Blogs That Inspire Me

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I read and follow a lot of blogs and each one touches a special cord in me in one way or another. And I thought it was a good day to show some appreciation by highlighting a few...perhaps a twist on #FF. Note, I am not calling them my favorites since there are so many other awesome blogs I follow that I am not highlighting today. But for right now, here are 5 blogs I am really loving and how they are touching me....along with a couple of random pictures.

My running streak mentor
Introducing Shelly from It's Just One Foot in Front of the Other! I think she knows it but just in case you don't, this woman is amazing and has been a great inspiration and support system for me. Her tales of running daily and being a mom, with a little one about the age of my darling daughter, showed me it could be done. That gave me the courage to give it a try. What is it? Running every day! And I am doing it and loving it. And when I had a weak moment and contemplating stopping, Shelly was one of my many supporters who encouraged me to go on and she provided some awesome advice. Just start. You can always stop. Thanks Shelly! And P.S., she has some really cool nature shots on her blog from time to time. 

My connection to my spiritual side of running
The more active I have become in social media and reading blogs, the more I realize that many runners do have a deep spiritual connection. This means a lot to me since I often say "I found God" on one of my long runs. Since then, my spirituality has deepened and running is a great way for me to recharge my body to live life to the fullest. Meet Erin from See Mom Run Far. This lady is amazing and completely inspiring not only because of her running or having a dozen children but because she speaks from the heart and brings her spirituality into her posts from time to time. I truly do love following her journeys.

scenic swim lesson view
My reminder to laugh and to not take life too seriously all the time
Adam from The Boring Runner cracks me up! I am a very focused, driven, serious person that tends to worry too much. Remember my last confession? So reading blog posts from this fellow are much appreciated and in all that craziness there are really good lessons about life and running. Seriously, you can learn a lot from this Dad!

My reminder that we all have battles but running makes us good people
Erik at Running Moose has his good days and bad days just like any other runner. He has changed his life around through being active and even though he has battled injuries, he continues to run strong in life and I am sure he is setting a great example for his kids! He is also very active in raising funds for Cystic Fibrosis. Keep up the great work!

My only way to fulfill my inner hidden dream to be an artist
You gotta check out Tri-ing to be Athletic if you haven't already. Not only does this blog contain the cutest artwork ever, honestly her drawings rock the boat, but it is hilarious! You gotta love a blog that makes you smile from start to finish. And I am seriously considering touching base with her for some artwork! Her little peeps are that cute!

Daily Gratitude: I am thankful for each person who takes the time to sit down and write out a blog post to share. You are giving something special to the world.
Daily Affirmation: All my heart's desires come to me in the perfect time.


  1. Thanks for posting these, I'm always looking for new running blogs to check out :)

  2. Thanks so much for your sweet words. I write my blog mostly for me - writing is how I best process my thoughts and emotions, and it always touches me and means so much when others tell me they are inspired or encouraged by it. So thank you, and thanks for your wonderful blog too. Hugs!

  3. Thanks for posting - I am a follower of Adam's but haven't checked out the others yet.

    PS: Daily gratitude - your blog :-) I don't post a lot but I read almost all of them

  4. Great list of blogs to highlight today. I haven't read them all so will check them out. Thanks for sharing.

  5. *I* am grateful for this post!! Thank you so much for the honourable mention...I enjoy making my posts just for the process of making them, but the feedback I get really makes blogging amazing! And tomorrow you get to see if you win a drawing! I will definitely check out the other sites.


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