Treadmill Running: Another Way to Conquer Boredom

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Today I thought I would introduce a new treadmill run I do from time to time. It is a fun "leap frog" running approach I started toying around with years ago. It is fun and pushes me and the little decreases seem to allow me to endure the increases well. Essentially, it is a progressive run where you systematically cut back.

I have done this with many variations of time and even songs. Pick up the pace by 0.2, cut back by 0.1, pick up the pace by 0.2, cut back by 0.1 and so on has always been my standard speed play. I think the focusing on simple math and transition points distracts my mind enough to let me have fun and run a bit faster than usual while not getting bored.

On Tuesday I focused on running this run more systematically so I could give some clear guidance. In a 15 minute run, I increased my speed by 0.8 overall. Completely doable but you can see how at the end you will be pushing yourself a bit more. You will end on a decrease minute and I must confess, I ended up running a total of 16 minutes just to get a final minute in at a speed 0.9 faster than my start. Then I decided I needed to stay focused on evaluating the workout for you.

I also love that this run can be modified for longer runs as well. 15 minute runs are great for days when I am squeezing things in but you could easily increase this run to 30 minutes, 45 minutes, or 60 minutes (and beyond) by increasing the intervals to 2 minutes, 3 minutes, and 4 minutes respectively. I wouldn't suggest staying at the 1 minute interval for longer runs just because you may push yourself into a speed gain out of your limits, or you may have to just start a bit slower to do so. No matter what you choose, have fun and run!

Daily Gratitude: I am thankful for positive test results.
Daily Affirmation: I can refocus on the harmony in the world when I feel out of balance.


  1. Looks like a winner. I might be trying this sometime (when it is raining, or too stifling hot to get outside!)

  2. wow what a great idea! I always get bored on a treadmill and sometimes running intervals makes me forget about it but this might even make me faster and not even think about my speed since I am only going up little by little! thanks for sharing!

  3. I love this post. It mirrors some of the tactics I take on the bike. But I had to smile at the math comment as that is exactly what I talked about today. I like to do the math in my head while working out ... keeps the mind nimble and preoccupied. Thanks for inspiring.


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