Training Status Check

It is Saturday, which means gym run day with darling daughter in the Kids' Club. I was feeling tired and not into it this morning but I have days like that, I go run, and feel 100% better. So I didn't take any detours. Once there we waited and waited and waited for our Kids' Club lady to show up. Fellow staff were confused on where she was and had no clue why she was late. Darling daughter was eager to start her day. I was eager to start my run but patient. Eventually one of the guys offered to start watching her so I could start my run and joked that I was going to do 20 miles and come back. I told him, that was last week, thanked him, and off I went.

I kept my eyes on that Kids' Club more closely than usual since I knew he was doing me a huge favor. I watched him and the other fellow swap turns while they tried to do other things they were supposed to be doing. I ran 30 minutes, picked up darling daughter, and thanked them both from the bottom of my heart. It wasn't the 1.5 hour run I planned but you know what, it was still the best run. Those two guys deserve huge pats on their backs for filling in the gap and the lady who was supposed to be there....still didn't show up up when we left post shower. And I am glad I did what I did.

What would you have done....
  • Cut your planned run short to give the guys doing you a favor a break?
  • Run the run you planned and not worry?
Onto other news, I just completed my lowest mileage week in my past 15 weeks of training. My lowest mileage week since I officially started my Maui Marathon training. And I really think I am okay with it and here's why.
  • My miles were less this week but I pushed myself harder in terms on speed and/or incline many times this week.
  • I am just not feeling 100% health wise with a touch of a cold and a sensitive stomach. 
  • My body just needs more sleep right now. Case in point, I slept 9 hours Thursday night and today I coaxed darling daughter into letting me take a 30 minute nap while she watch Dora the Explorer.
I hope to be back to myself tomorrow and already made plans for dear hubby to watch darling daughter in the morning to give me some good running time. Afterwards, I get to take darling daughter to a birthday party so I guess I am just going to need to be better!

Stroke Fact for the Day: Strokes don't just happen to adults. Kids, and even infants, can have a stroke. For children under 15, there are 6 strokes for every 100,000 kids annually, and the risk is slightly higher for kids under 2! The stats have remained pretty consistent for the past 10 years but stroke remains in one of the top 10 causes of death of kids in the US. Source Are you as shocked as I was?

Daily Gratitude: I am thankful for a healthy, strong, and very opinionated daughter.
Daily Affirmation: My own stubborn streak makes me successful but I have learned to know when to listen to my inner drive to go and when to say "shush, time to rest".


  1. I'm glad you decided to step back training when you don't feel 100% but I'm proud of you for still fighting through and still doing something. I think I would have done the run like you did, you were respectful of their time still and got to do your run!

  2. oh my goodness! i had no idea that strokes could be so prevalent in infants and children! thats a very scary thing!! thank you for all of the educating that you are doing!! also, what a wonderful thing for the gentleman to do in watching darling daughter for you! how nice of them! i probably would have cut my run short like you did!! :o)SPA LOVE


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