The top 5 blog posts and common keywords

Do you ever stop and look at your stats? Sometimes it amazes me by which posts are liked the most by others. When I write I don't think about the popularity of the post per se. I think about what is important to me at the time, what I want to share with you, and if what I share could be beneficial to others. If it doesn't fit that criteria, I skip on writing about it. I mean, who really wants to hear about my sad African Violet that I can't find a way to make happier? With that being said, let's look back to on somethings together.

Here are the top keywords people are using today to find my blog.

Here are the top keywords people have used since my blog was born.

Yep, it seems people are still very interested in comparing Nike Free and Reebok RealFlex. Who knew that that post would be such a hit? I didn't. And it is, which is okay but I can't say it was a post that touched my heart strings like some of my more recent posts. Still, who am I to judge what others like. 

And to stay on this trend, here are my top liked posts, with links, from so far today:
Pumpkin Delight - Recipes courtesy to this post from a fellow blogger, Couch to Ironwoman

The top liked posts from all time:
....and so I don't end on an expired giveaway, Wahine Half Marathon Race Report & Ekphrasis

Daily Gratitude: I am thankful for cinnamon to add to my coffee.
Daily Affirmation: I can find harmony in the middle of chaos.


  1. What an interesting idea. I think I should have a look at these things, too. Have never thought about it before in these terms.

  2. That's neat! What a good way to gauge the audience! The sign of a great blogger! Spalove!

  3. I love to look at my stats! And then I laugh at some of the phrases or interesting spelling :)

  4. it's fun to see what people search for on your blog! You never think the posts that are going to be a hit really are haha. I think its funny all the time!

  5. I love looking at the different ways people have found my blog too, some of the search words are funny. I would have to say people must be interested in Reebok vs Nike!

  6. I also like to see what countries my views are coming from. I am very popular in Russia, although I know no one there, have no subscribers there (that I know of), and have never mentioned Russia in a blog post. Odd, but sort of cool at the same time.


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