Post-Marathon Recovery

First, I got to say I do not do things the normal way. Last Sunday I ran my second marathon and I pushed myself hard. If I were to follow a textbook I may have taken days off and done nothing. But that is not what I did so today I am going to outline what I have done the past week not only to keep you in the loop but to provide firm documentation for myself. I feel by keeping notes, blogging, etc. that I am better able to evaluate my training in the future.

Sunday (running streak day 262): Ran the Maui Marathon with dear hubby and set a new PR for myself. Read more HERE.

Nursing chafing & latex allergy
Monday (running streak day 263): Did a slow barefoot mile on my incline treadmill at home in the morning before work. My pace was 15'00". My legs ached but felt better afterwards. I didn't want to go to work but I did. I also tried to minimize the number of times I went up and down the steps at work. After work, I had to take darling daughter to swimming. It was a long day and I was feeling it at the end.

Tuesday (running streak day 264): Once again, I didn't want to go to work but I did. Ran a slow barefoot mile on my treadmill in the afternoon. My pace was 14'45". Legs achier but felt good to run on them a bit to work out all the tightness and aches of going up and down stairs at work. And yep, I was annoyed enough by not being able to walk "normal" on steps so I counted them. There are 26.

Wednesday (running streak day 265): Did a slow barefoot mile on my treadmill in the afternoon. Legs still ached but felt "bouncier". My pace was 14'50". Got a massage later in the evening. P.S. I was able to walk "normal" on work steps. P.S.S. Had the post-marathon blues and grouchies emerging.

Thursday (running streak day 266): Feeling better day by day. Ran an easy mile at home and still running barefoot. I ran one minute at my normal pace and kept rest slower so my overall pace was 13'08".

Friday (running streak day 267): "Plugged" myself back into technology and laced up the shoes again. Ran 2.0 miles at home with overall pace of 11'21".

Saturday (running streak day 268): Ran 3.0 miles at home with overall pace of 11'27". Feeling good about myself and optimistic with my training and recovery. Dear hubby gave me a good, deep massage as legs still have aches.

Running streak day 269
Sunday (running streak day 269): Ran 2.0 miles at home with overall pace of 11'34". Later in the morning I went out to help garden and started cutting the grass with scissors. I know, funny image. I moved and felt a tweak in my left quad. I continued cutting, moved some more, felt another quite uncomfortable tweak, went inside disgruntled, and put ice on my leg.

Yesterday was a low point as I started doubting myself, my capabilities, and my ability to know what is best. All the naysayers were coming forward in my mind and I doubted all ability to run daily and run my third marathon in December. I was at a critical low point and was seriously contemplating ending my running streak. I posted such on Daily Mile and got overwhelming input and support from others. Needless to say, I appreciated each and every comment.

Taped up w/ kinesiotape
Today I took the day off of work. I started my day taking darling daughter to school and headed to the gym full of support from others. I knew I could start my run and end it if it hurt (great advice from a fellow Daily Miler and streaker). As much as I wanted to hit the streets I figured a treadmill today was a good place to test the leg. Plus I taped up the tweaky spot last night with kinesiotape and by the way, I should have put on that "magic tape" much earlier!

I took it easy and ran 3.01 miles with an overall pace of 9'58". I know this is my fastest this week but I wasn't running at an incline so that lets me go faster and still be taking it easy. And this is my target easy pace according to my training plan. And I ran what was on the plate for the day.

After doing a few necessary errands, like the car safety inspection and picking up more Epsom Salt, I returned home to be "lazy" and do 101 things from my couch. I am all caught up on all I need to do have have a couple of hours to myself before I need to pick up darling daughter and take her to swim.

Post run hammie stretch
Note to self and others: Take a day off of work post-marathon if for nothing else besides mental sanity and treating yourself to indulging in chic flicks or manly stuff for the guys!

Daily Gratitude: I am thankful for the comments I got on Daily Mile yesterday.
Daily Affirmation: I know where to go for support when I start doubting myself.


  1. Ouch, that chafing pic hurts me. Also, it sounds like your we're taking those runs nice and easy. Perfect for "resting" after your marathon. And you can totally work another marathon in December. You know your body better than anyone, and if you believe it's possible, it is!

  2. YAY--so glad to hear that the tweak is under control and you didn't need to break your streak!!

  3. Glad you perservered and stuck it out to carry on your streak. I hope you start feeling tip top again soon!

  4. I have been reading in awe for awhile about your running streak. I want to start one but I just am not confident I will have the wherewithal to stick to it....life just seems to get in the way and I don't have kids. How do you do it?

  5. Thank you for this! I was planning to run a marathon this fall (in St. George, UT), but instead I got pregnant. I know there are some pregnant women who can do it, but I decided it would be best to put it off for another year. But I will definitely be bookmarking this so that I can keep it as a reference for when I finally complete it! I know that if I take several days off after the marathon, I will probably never start back up again, lol.

    1. Ironically Emma, I got pregnant when I was beginning to train for my first marathon and put it on hold as well.

  6. Anonymous5:47 AM

    Just a thought... If you have a latex allergy... it might not be a good idea to run on a treadmill as the running surface is rubber as in natural rubber latex. I also have a latex allergy and with each exposure reactions are worse.

    1. I cannot say if the allergy is latex per se or actually more of the adhesive....and it has been tested by doctors and is only a slight response. I only had one other response in my life and that was with tape post c-section. Essentially, I should not keep bandaids on my skin for periods of time unless I buy the ones for sensitive skin. Thank you for your concern though.


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