Long Run - Week 2 of Marathon Training

It seems odd thinking that I am in week two of training especially since week one was focused on recovery and just getting some running in each day. For those new to my tale, I ran the Maui Marathon on September 16 and am training for my third marathon, the Honolulu Marathon, on December 9.

Creating training plans isn't new to me but I did have a problem fine tuning the start of a new training cycle essentially right at the end of one. The time between the two races doesn't leave much down time, read that as none, and I knew this going the Maui Marathon. And as much as I want to run each day according to the plan, I have already detoured. However, I am not going to get down on myself as I feel the decisions I am making are smart for me right now. And I hope come next week I will run each run as planned.....no excuses.

This week I cut back two 3 mile days to 1 mile days. I have been crazy busy, I am still very tired, and I have a very slight nagging cold. Extra sleep sounded good and I wanted to run my long run as planned.

Today was long run day. My goal according to the training plan was 8 miles. Darling daughter and I headed to the gym and off I went to run. I started okay but my legs felt sluggish. At 2.5 miles my mind felt sluggish and I began to get a wee bit too annoyed by those walking on the treadmills beside me, giggling, hitting each other with towels, etc. If there was another treadmill open I would have moved but I ran on and tried to drown out their games by turning up my tunes a bit. And to think, dear hubby thinks people are just picking up other people at the gym. Nope, this girl is trying hard to ignore the other people and run on.

I made it to 6 miles at my scheduled easy run pace of 10'00" and still wasn't feeling it. It had been 60 minutes of mental battles and determination and then it dawned on me.....my hip was tight, my legs were heavy, and I just ran a marathon 13 days ago. These now 6.01 miles were the most I have done since the Maui Marathon and honestly, I think 6.01 miles on day 13 post-marathon is great. Yes, 8 miles was on my schedule but that was formed off of suggestions from Smart Coach, who wasn't taking into consideration my running up until that point. Just that I want to run a marathon in December. I ran 11 miles last week and am now at 17.32 miles so far this week. I still have tomorrow's miles to factor into week two. So I called it quits on this week's long run and feel no regrets. Yes, I could have pushed the final 2 miles but deep down I don't think I should have. I need to build back up in miles smartly and stay strong in these first weeks of training so I can train hard and on target the final weeks.

So let's open a can of worms and see who all agrees or disagrees....honestly, what would you have done?

Have a beautiful weekend!

Daily Gratitude: I am thankful for 9 days off of work!!!!
Daily Affirmation: Through organization I find peace.


  1. I think you know your own body well enough by now to do what is right for YOU. Good luck with it all.

  2. Anonymous2:58 PM

    Totally agree. I definitely go through the whole should I or shouldn't I debate-over a couple of miles within two weeks after a marathon finish. Really??!!


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