Honolulu Marathon Training Plan

Just sharing some braid fun!
What does every runner do four days post-marathon? Blog about their next marathon training plan! What?! Not all runners do that? I must confess I have been told once or twice that I am kinda crazy.

But why am I jumping into this so quick? Because my next marathon is on December 9th. Because I need to distract my mind from potential post-marathon blues and focus on the positive. Ironically, even if I PR I can still fall into a post-race slump mainly fueled by achy legs not doing exactly what my mind wants to do.

I formulated my training plan for marathon #3 pretty much the same way as I did for the Maui Marathon. I started with the Runner's World Smart Coach app on my phone; however, I didn't adjust it with my most recent race time. If I did, it would decrease my training paces and I don't feel I need to do that just because I had a tough second half of the Maui Marathon. My training paces felt good and seemed to be at the right rate of perceived exertion. I don't want to ease up on that. I then looked at what was on my calendar in terms of family commitments and my ideas of upcoming races. I juggled runs around to accommodate all of those. And the two races I would love to race seemed to have fit just nicely into my training plan. Which means, I didn't have to do anything huge to squeeze them in. Just minor juggles. I like to do all of this before cementing the plan to make the plan more doable and perhaps to run the plan as scheduled. However, that hasn't happened to me yet. I hope the third time is a charm! On that note, I don't really do training plans for anything besides half and full marathons so far. 

So here is my "baby"!
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Things to note:
  • I changed my training week from Sunday-Saturday to Monday-Sunday. This allows me the necessary jiggle room to run my long run on the Sunday vs. the Saturday without causing weekly mileage craziness. It just seems easier to manage within the same training week and yes, I would like to move some of those long runs to Sunday and perhaps run with dear hubby. I am just not going to plan on it as I want to get my runs done. Period. By if opportunity knocks, I will answer. And I may be knocking on a dear friend's door a few times over the next 12 weeks.
  • My first two training weeks are pretty darn easy. I am focused on recovering and need to listen to my body and not worry about miles so much.
  • Week 6 is an increase in mileage week without any tempo or speed work. This was pulled directly from Smart Coach.
  • The tempo weeks and speed weeks were also directly pulled from Smart Coach. These runs are to occur on Wednesdays.
  • I have 2-mile rest days. I am aiming to phase out 1-mile days but if I need them, I will run them.
  • Local races are in blue.
  • The Honolulu Marathon is in pink.

I have to be honest, this training plan is tough but doable for me. I am going to have to work hard to get my runs done and to stay focused, rested, and strong! I am going to have to get to bed early some nights and get up early. I need to be committed. I believe I can do this but I know it won't be easy. I am going to have to be kicking butt but I feel through that I can run well on December 9th. And I am keeping my mind open to splitting some of my mid-week longer runs into AM and PM runs if needed.

Other goals this training cycle:
  • Get more time running on roads, especially downhill stretches.
  • Get more time running "downcountry" in warmer temperatures.
  • Continue with #plankaday.
  • Incorporate green smoothies into my diet again.
Daily Gratitude: I am thankful for the massage I got last night.
Daily Affirmation: I CAN run my training plan as written.


  1. No rest days!! You are hard core! Wishing you the best!!

  2. Wowee!!!!! U are a warrior woman!!!! I kno you'll b great! Spa love!

  3. Wowsa! Be safe hon! No rest days doesn't give your body time to refuel and recover!

    1. With this safety/rest concern brought up I just want to say....what I do doesn't necessarily work for everyone else. I am currently on day 266 of a running streak and through the streak I have learned to listen to my body better. I rest and recovery through easy runs and some of those "rest" days end up at a snail's pace. Every day isn't fast and that was a mistake of my past. We are all different and it all reality, we will all change how we train. I don't know how long my streak will be the best for me but right now, it works.

      Thanks so much for bringing up the importance of rest since I don't want peeps to think I don't think about rest and giving my body recovery time.....

  4. Anonymous3:32 PM

    thanks for sharing.


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