Debit vs. Credit

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Sometimes I feel I must have been born on a different planet or in a completely different time as there are a few things in life I just don't get no matter how hard I try. I do think I have some pretty good problem solving skills (hence my work focus on data analysis and forming some projections here and there) and I feel my common sense is pretty strong too. Although there are still times I shrug my shoulders and try to move on. The operative word here is try.

I realize I am risking vulnerability here but putting this all out there today but hey, maybe one of you can shed some light on things for me.

Confusing Case 1: Debit or credit. Like many of you my bank card can be used as a debit or credit card. I do understand my reward points accrue slightly different based on this choice but in all reality, the money still comes out of my bank account. And the reward points aren't that big of a difference to make this crystal clear to me why I have to answer the question "debit or credit" for so many purchases. I often shrug and say, it doesn't matter, but does it? Am I missing something here?

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Confusing Case 2: Darling daughter had a field trip yesterday that was cancelled due to rain; however, the teachers opted to still give the kids the bus ride to the park and back. And since darling daughter really wanted me to, I followed the bus to the park and watched as the teacher told parents there that we were just going back to school. I waited a bit and then started heading back to the school thinking the bus would be right behind me. Slowly other parents started showing up at the school but no bus. After 30 minutes passed I really was quite confused/concerned/emotional wondering where the bus was and if I missed the "memo" that they were going somewhere else. I imagined darling daughter out of the bus without her lunch, I had it, wondering where Mommy was and why she wasn't following the bus. And as I stood there in bewilderment with the vague description from the secretary about the whereabouts of the kids (the teacher called, they are on the bus and on their way back) I wondered why I was the only mom that seemed to care or have any concern. I did say something to the head teacher once the kids returned and was informed that they had to go an alternate route back per the bus company and that she was calling the secretary every 5 minutes telling her to give the moms updates. Yeah, that didn't happen. But now I am left feeling vulnerable and slightly embarrassed that I was troubled by this when no other mom seemed to be. Am I just odd? Would this have bothered you?

I really think I had a third example but it has completely slipped my mind as I ponder this bus scenario. But onto a brighter note, here is my week three Sweat Pink vlog talking about music and what it means to me....and I added in some of my garden love!

Daily Gratitude: I am thankful for my daughter.
Daily Affirmation: I may not "get" it all but I always do my best!


  1. I think companies are charged a transaction fee if you choose credit versus debit. Yes, I would have been worried too, but realize now that my kids are 10 and 12 that the bus takes Forever. It can be quite annoying. You definitely should have been updated and told why it was taking so long:)

  2. I always say credit when using my debit card because I've had my pin number stolen when company had a security breach at their store. Weird, and I'm not sure it would have made any difference had I said credit. But I like to have my signature on as many things as possible just in case. We had another case where a company used our card to charge hundreds of dollars, and when we asked them to fax us the receipt with our signature, it was obviously not ours. So that added to my like of signatures and using them to verify identity. Although I'm sure someone could fake my signature if they were really into that.

  3. D vs C: Debit comes right out of your bank account and credit becomes a debt builder with high interest. We always use credit to build up Disney points, but we pay it of every month. We're cheap so it's kinda easy :)
    I would've been worried about the bus, too and would have said that the secretary never gave any updates...unless you missed them and that's why others weren't worried (I'd miss something like that :) )

  4. I hate that question too, its my debit card but you can swipe it like a credit card but either way it is still coming out of my checking account.


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