August 2012 Training Report

First, I have been completely lazy in recapping August and in all reality, I think it was out of fear. I wasn't ready to analyze what I have done for fear of falling short of what I should have or wanted to accomplish. However, I should have pulled my head out of the cloud and read all the supportive comments on this post earlier. You guys truly rock and thanks for all the support. And for those wondering, this will be marathon #2 for me.

So now on to August. Let's just jump in with both feet to the numbers. Here is what I did in 2011 and 2012.

Not too bad. Yes, I hoped to put more miles in but how can I argue with improvement? I did run more miles. I did put more time on my feet. And for that I should feel happy and confident. I also ran two 20 mile runs in August. You can read about them HERE and HERE.

But how did I do with the August goals I truly set for myself. Let's look.
  • To train hard and be committed. To work on increasing mileage throughout the month. - I say I succeeded with this goal. I kinda knew I wasn't going to hit a 50 mile week yet and I didn't force it. That will come when it comes.
  • To run with dear hubby at least twice. - HUGE FLOP! I probably could have found a way to make it happen but I think we will be fine.
  • Continue to #plankaday and do at least a minute. - I give myself an A-. I didn't plank everyday but I did most days. And I always did at least a minute and did aim to increase time a tad. 
  • Give my body love through stretching, eating well, and sleeping. - Oops on the stretching but my diet and sleep routine are rocking right now!

September Goals:
  • Run awesome at the Maui Marathon!
  • Continue to #plankaday. I shared a abs photo progress below and please note, the first two weeks of #plankaday were using long arms versus the bent short arm technique I adopted shortly thereafter. The second way is much harder!
  • Begin training for the Honolulu Marathon by establishing and posting my training calendar.
#plankaday progress
Now onto a confession.  I have been questioning my taper. It started a bit earlier than anticipated since I felt a cold coming on. Then there was that fuzzy, dizzy head thing. So I had to take a sneak peek into September and see where I stand this year in comparison to last year. And please note, last year I flew off to Kaua'i to run a half marathon just two weeks before the marathon. 

Phew....did you hear that sigh of relief? I am still ahead of my performance last year. It is time to stop doubting myself, trust my training, make my playlist, and run strong and happy!

Daily Gratitude: I am thankful for meticulously keeping my running notes and for Running Ahead.
Daily Affirmation: I CAN PR!


  1. You can do it!!! You will be great! Keep listening to your body and be positive! Uve come sooo far!!! U got this! Spa love!

  2. MeganS2:44 PM

    Those are some great abs! Is that from running and planking only?

    1. I would say the running helps keep the calorie in and out in check but any changes in definition are purely connected to planking. It makes a huge difference!

  3. good luck on your goals! you'll do great!

  4. I thought this was your second marathon--you are going to ROCK this!! And, you've inspired me to start planking. I know I should I think in part I'm intimidated, since that's where I'm still chubby. The baby weight will go, eventually, right?

    1. Baby weight does go away....although sometimes it seems it never will!


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