Training is my Life

I really do love the training part of running. It can be hard, it can wear me down, but it focuses my efforts on what is really important to me. It forces me to make the right choices in order to achieve my goals and how can I not love that?

Speaking of training, here are my weekly stats from Daily Mile:

I love to check these out from time to time and if I see any blips out of place, I reflect on why. I am liking how consistent my running has been and how smart my build up has been. I know I want higher mileage weeks. I know I wanted a 50 mile week before the Maui Marathon next month but honestly it wasn't the right time yet. But I have faith I will get up there before the Honolulu Marathon in December.

My runs recently have been focused and determined. My mindset is "work hard August" because come September I need to be officially tapering for the marathon. I have already surpassed last August's miles by 14 miles, when I include what I ran this morning. I was worried a bit by how achy I feel on recovery weeks and doubting my capabilities but after reading supportive comments it seems the aches are indeed normal and not a sign of incapability. And I know added rest before rest day has it benefits.

I also found a new way to do my long run that may work best for my family. Squeezing in long runs is hard for me to do mainly because of my own personal guilt. I could run on Sundays but it is the only day dear hubby and I have off together with darling daughter. When I can have someone babysit and we run together, that is nice. And in the past, I have run solo and met up with him and darling daughter at a beach. However, by the time I got to them on longer run days darling daughter is at her beach limit and I don't want to cause undue stress. And now that dear hubby runs, if I plan a long run or race without him he often asks "what about me?". A valid question and I would never deny anyone running time but it just makes me feel guilty. No ones problem really except my own as I am the one choosing to feel guilt.

Recently I tried doing my long run with darling daughter by starting at the gym and finishing outside with her. Thing is, due to the hours of operation of the Kids' Club this puts us on the road running in the middle of the day. I know Hawaii isn't the hottest state out there but it is hot and I don't want to make darling daughter too uncomfortable. I know this option is still available but this weekend I did this.....

I got up earlier on Saturday than usual. Yep, I gave up a day of a wee bit extra sleep and started my 20 mile run at home on the incline treadmill. I completed 7 determined miles right before we needed to pack up and head out to the gym. I like to get there earlier rather than later for fear the Kids' Club will fill out and that would really negatively impact my plans. I got darling daughter settled in and after a down time of about 45 minutes between part 1 and part 2, I ran my final 13 miles. I question what effect that down time has on the overall training of the run but I think it will be negligible. I had to work those 13 miles hard and really had to pick up the pace for the final 50 minutes to get done on time. It was hard. Killer hard. But I didn't want to fall short. And towards the end I called on my dad for support and the spiritual side of running took over. I love that when that happens. But what never happened before and is quite funny is I thought about the oranges from soccer games in my youth. You know, those orange slices the parents made you eat even if you didn't want to. At that moment in my run, all I could think of orange slices and how I desperately wanted some right then and there. A nice juicy slice of orange......

and that completes half marathon+ #14 for the year.

Instead of a daily gratitude or affirmation, today I am going to ask those who are willing to take a moment and say of prayer of strength to send to my younger sister. She has three young kids and they all just lost their little dog, Doobie, today as he was mauled by the neighbor's dogs. My sister is tough but I know the kids could use a little extra love sent their way. Mahalo!


  1. So terribly saddened to hear about the dog. What a tragic and terrible thing!! They are definitely added to my prayer list! m also very inspired by your incredible drive to balance the family with your run training. Keep it up! Spalove!

  2. Great job on finding ways to fit in those runs. I hear you on finding the right balance. For me, it means cutting into sleep (waking up at 4 a.m. etc.). I also want to hit a 50 mile week, but I don't see it in the cards for this marathon either.

    I am sorry to hear about your sister's dog. We recently lost our dog and it was tough on my kids and he was very, very old and we had tried our best to prepare the kids. I can't imagine a sudden tragedy like that.

  3. So sorry to hear about your sister's little dog. I know how sad this can be for a familly and often for such a long time... a very big void in the picture and in their lives.

    Erica, glad your training continues to go well. It seems you always find a way. So inspiring. I admire that so much.

    Glad to see your post today.


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