Running through the Weekend

I was in a funk last week mainly because I was just plain tired. You can read more about that HERE but let's get on to running! I think the best thing to do since I wasn't even near my blog over the weekend and have been a bit distracted is to bring us all up to speed....including myself.

Thursday: I managed to somewhat get out of bed at a somewhat early hour and ran 3.58 miles at the gym. However, it wasn't enough to keep me calm by the end of the day due to stressors at work. I sweet talked the family into dropping me off at the gym where I ran another 5.09 miles and then we went out to dinner. Family date night at Subway! Gotta say, I love that I can get spinach on my veggie sub now! And darling daughter and I love the apple chips!

Friday: The double-run from the day before helped get me up again at a somewhat early hour but my heart and soul wasn't into it. I ran 3.5 miles and devoted a lot of time to stretching to calm myself and find some peace. Like I said earlier, I am a wee bit stressed with work right now.

I did this at the gym today!
Saturday: I ran my long run of 10 miles at the gym while darling daughter played at the Kids' Club. I called this it for the week and ended up with 27.62 miles. Not quite where I wanted to be but hey, I am still averaging just over 35 miles/week during this round of marathon training and I am happy with that. But that brings me to my next question, why is it that my body always aches and feels stiffer after low mileage/recovery weeks than higher mileage/building weeks? Yes, I was tired this week but it is always the case. I just don't feel revitalized after a recovery week and am beginning to question just how to taper properly for myself. Any comments/advice/suggestions/thoughts would be welcome.

Sunday: The start of a new week and I began it with 2.25 miles on my incline treadmill at home. This is a great start! I know the mileage is low but in all reality, it is good for me because running at home is hard, hot, sweaty, and mentally challenging.

Today: I got up pretty much when my alarm went off just like I am supposed to do! Yeah!!! I ran 3.29 miles at the gym and am still sad that the gym doesn't open as early on Mondays but hey, I have the rest of the week to stay on this good bandwagon of running!

How have your runs been recently? Any successes or hurdles?

Daily Gratitude: I am thankful for my dear friend re-henna'ing my hair and yep, that really isn't a word but you get the point.
Daily Affirmation: I am able to see an argument from different points of view.


  1. I'm guessing your body still is the same amount of tired, but you're not giving it enough time to fully realize it on the higher mileage weeks. During recovery weeks, you are resting it so you can truly listen to it more so it notices the tiredness/aches/pains. Glad you were able to get up and get out this morning! My runs have been all over the place recently, but I was so happy during my 10k race that I was able to still run at a decent clip without really training for it/pushing hard

    1. Nice thought there Meg O and that makes sense! Thanks!

  2. I don't have any advice, of course, but I just want to cheer you on and offer lots of encouragement and tell you that you inspire me every day... and not just in running either.

  3. Great job getting up and getting it done! I made it up early this morning too, although it was short run day, we'll see if I make it tomorrow for a longer run. You're doing great, hopefully the stress at work passes soon!

  4. Great job! Most of my hurdles have been time constraints, but I've managed to get nearly all of my long runs in thankfully!

  5. Anonymous2:18 AM

    I think your running sounds fantastic! I am amazed you have energy for all that you do! I am pooped out from running altogether. I just did my last long run before my marathon and that was only five days after my previous long run, so I am really worn out. I agree on the down weeks though. I always feel more sore and tired during/just after down weeks. I don't have any advice for you. I just know that my ultra-Hubby says that is normal - for what it is worth.

    1. LOVE your ultra-hubby's perspective....just reassuring to know I am not alone. :)


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