Running and Going Nowhere

Well, no where physical (since I have been running on a treadmill) but my recent runs have taken me to different mental places. Although some may argue my runs have taken me somewhere physical too as my body continues to adjust, train, and build endurance. I guess this could be a cup half full versus a cup half empty argument. But let's get onto running!

Mom has gone back home (boo hoo) and that means the slacking in my training must end. As much as I thought I could put in the miles while she was here it ended up not being where I wanted it to be. But one wise runner told me not to worry about the miles I didn't do but to appreciate the ones I did....so I will apply that here. And now it is time to get my focus on and avoid all the sugary temptations Mom was really good at seducing me in to.

larger image on TM Running page
On Wednesday morning I managed to get out of bed nice and early and hit the gym before work. I had it in my mind to run 60 minutes and envisioned a TM Pyramid Run. Since I am posting TM workout ideas on my TM Running page I was more inclined to stick to my plan. You see, I don't only want to post the workout idea, I want to link it to a day's post when I actually did the workout idea. I'm not one to ask/suggest to someone to do something if  am not willing to do it myself. So in a nutshell, I split my run into 10 minute segments. That helps alleviate the boredom that running on a treadmill can induce. You just make it to the next 10 minutes, then the next, then the next, and so on. I started out at a pace 0.2 slower than my typical treadmill pace. At 10 minutes I up'd my pace by 0.2. At 10 minutes I up'd my pace again by 0.2. I held this pace for 20 minutes before decreasing my pace by 0.2. With 10 minutes left I decreased again by 0.2. So essentially, my overall pace was my target pace but I did run some a wee bit slower and some a wee bit faster. I ended up running 6.26 miles with an average pace of 9'36".

Thursday I felt energized from a good run on Wednesday so put on the same shoes as perhaps it was the pink laces that made me feel so happy. On this run my goal was to run closer to my marathon goal pace. I am truly concerned about being able to sustain a faster pace than my current long run paces. Sorry Smart Coach, I just don't have confidence in you right now. Read more about that HERE. Therefore, I am increasing my pace on more of my shorter runs throughout the week just to get my legs turning and moving. I am also battling a Nike+ sensor that is sporadic and I think it is time for a new one. They tend to get extremely unreliable when they are getting old and tired. I ended up running 5.5 miles with an average pace of 9'05".

Today I realized I am still staying up too late and trying to wake up too early. I ended up getting to the gym late and hope/dream/plan on returning to run more later today. I started my day with 2.0 miles with an average pace of 8'51". I wore different running shoes as I truly do try to cycle through them daily to give the shoes a chance to "recover". And every one of these runs were followed by a plank of at least one minute.

think this will keep garden safe?
I am looking forward to the weekend, returning to Kids' Club days with darling daughter, and potentially sleep. And who can forget the Olympic men's marathon? I need to find the airtime and tape it as Sunday I need to tackle a long run and probably solo since our live-in babysitter, dear mom, is now at her peaceful, quiet home.

Daily Gratitude: I am thankful for all the loving and supportive comments on my recent posts. Really, thank you so much!!!
Daily Affirmation: I am passionate about what I do.


  1. hang in there and keep on keeping on! don't be discouraged!! :o) you'll keep improving by the day! you've got the passion and thats all that matters! thanks for sharing so open and honestly! SPAlove!

  2. i love the TM for interval type workouts. i actually think I do them better than when on the road...maybe because I'm focused


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