First I am a Mom

After my first half marathon
Life is crazy hectic and I mean being pulled in 1,000 directions crazy hectic. In some regards I like being busy and a good portion of the hectic is my own doing. I am choosing to run daily. I am choosing to blog almost daily. Others things aren't as much in my control. I must be a full-time employee.

Each day is only 24 hours. To a preschooler 24 seems like a huge number but when I look at all I need to do in a day, it seems so little especially with my recent desire to aim to really get 8 hours of sleep (and no, I really am not succeeding with this yet). Wow, now I am down to 16 hours in a day. Add 8 hours of work and now I am left with a measly 8 hours to get to and from work, to run, to blog, to shower, to do chores, to cook, to plan and make lunches, to be with family and friends, to chat on the phone with family, and to try to squeeze in quality time with dear hubby.

Before a local 5K
But what keeps me centered is that I stick to my core beliefs. I am a Mom first. My darling daughter is my priority in life and I honestly love being with her and doing things for her. I truly feel blessed to have her in my life and feel motherhood as kept me centered on what is important in life. Family. 

Some may question how I can choose to run so much, and everyday, if she is my priority. Simply stated....running gives me the me time, the stress relief, the connection I need to my spirituality to be a better me, a calmer me, a more loving and compassionate mom. I need to be healthy and strong in order to do the most important job - to be a loving, caring, nurturing mom.

Support during a training run
Yesterday I took a day off of work to spend a little extra time with my mom and darling daughter. My mom leaves in a few days and who knows when we will see each other next. Plus, I just wanted to spend some more summer break time with darling daughter. I could have slept in until she woke up but instead I opted to get up early, as usual, and go to the gym for my daily run. I let my mom know I would be back later in the morning and didn't let guilt prevent me from taking this time for me. My goal was to run 60 minutes but once I hit that mark I was too close to 7 miles to stop. Then I just had to round out 65 minutes and do a full 5-minute cool down. The end result was 7.39 miles with an average pace of 8'47". I followed it up with a 1:10 plank, some stretching, and headed home where darling daughter eagerly jumped up and ran to give me hugs and kisses....even though I was stinky and sweaty. It was awesome! And she didn't want to stop hugging me to let me shower. What a beautiful way to start the day!

After a local 10K
Afterwards we ended running around town for necessary and fun errands and adventures. At our last stop darling daughter was at her last straw and it was showing that this trip was a bit too much for her. But since I had my run in me I remained calm. And when she was getting crazy I tried to redirect with silly games and bloopers. It helped some but eventually she needed the consequence of being put in the cart. She protested. I remained calm. I got her in the car and put on a crown and her crankiness quickly went away. We continued with our fun adventures at home for the remainder of the day. I know this story ended well since I did run, was at peace with myself, and was balanced. If I wasn't, the outcome could have been so much different. Moms truly do set the tone for what unveils even when we don't realize it.

So what this all boils down to is this....I blog to share my story, to find inspiration, and perhaps inspire others. I have felt that slight negative pull others have blogged about. To do another product review, to do another giveaway, to enter another giveaway, to do whatever it may be at the moment. I am mainly writing about this since I want to say to each one of you that I don't follow your blog because you do x, y, or z but because I love reading your stories that come from your heart and to let my readers know that will continue to be my goal. And although I am to blog daily, if I don't have a good story to share, or the time to share the good story, it will just need to wait. And I truly expect you to all do the same.

My first marathon before finish line
I view the virtual running/blogging community as a group of friends. We get together and chat when we can and sometimes we play catch-up when we have been out of touch. That is what makes blogging special to me. And if you are a new blogger, be true to you and have fun! Life is too short to feel pressured to do x, y, or z when you are already being the best you that you are!

P.S. And I guess today I just needed to give myself and pep talk reminding me that being me is just fine. Happy Friday and have a wonderful weekend!

Who's watching the running today on the Olympics? I am! But will need to tape it as I made plans to go to a friend's house for a big get together with family and friends.

Daily Gratitude: I am thankful for the loving support from my darling daughter.
Daily Affirmation: I am a loving person.


  1. Laura7:27 AM

    Just wanted to tell you that I love your blog & find you very inspiring! I struggle with the mommy guilt but know that my kids are much better off when I take the me-time for a run. I hope you have a great weekend with your family!

    1. Mahalo Laura! Big smiles here!

  2. Oh I like the Daily gratitude and affirmation at the end of your post. It's always good to remind ourselves to be ourselves and not get caught up in what others want us to be or think we should be. It's great that family is so important to you and that you manage to fit in running, too. SPA love xo

    1. I must have I owe some of my focus to losing my dad. It really made me focus on what is really important in life and how precious time is. Each little moment does matter. :)

      Thanks for the SPA love!

  3. I love this blog. I too, am a mom first. I do take my son running with me most days.. but the days I don't I feel like I can fly. Kudos to you for taking time for yourself so you can be a better mom in the end. I am a new SPA and have newly come across your blog, but I love it!


  4. Such an amazing post!!!! You are so inspiring! What a wonderful balance and proper prioritizing you have in your life! Love your blog! Keep it up!

  5. Awesome that you have your priorities straight!

    And I will definitely be watching the Olympics tonight!! :)

  6. You definitely inspire me, and I agree, being a Mom is number 1!

  7. Yah! Mommy runners rock! I agree. I run to keep me centered. My kids are my priority but I need to be focused to be the best Mom for them. Running helps me stay sane. Keep blogging I love it!

  8. The saying "if mama ain't happy, nobody's happy" is so true. Running makes me a happier person and everyone in my family benefits from it.

  9. Anonymous8:15 AM

    I love this - my kids are my priority....and then I get to run :)

  10. If I had to choose between running and my children, of course I would choose the kids...but is there anything wrong with wanting to run simply because I love it and it makes me feel good? I already give my children almost all of me and my time so why not do something just for myself?


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