5 Reasons to Not Rely on Technology when Running

If you have been following me awhile you are probably fully aware that the analytical side of me loves the technological side of running. You know, my Nike+ sensor, Nike GPS app, iPhone with tunes, etc. For some of you it may be your Garmin or even as simple as an iPod. These devices can make tracking your runs and progress easier and more exciting but here is my list of 5 reasons to NOT rely on technology.

  1. Forgetting to charge your technology piece of choice or worse yet, you thought you did and you didn't. 
  2. Even the best charged battery can let you down. Yep, a fully charged iPhone using the Nike GPS app can quit before you finish a 18 mile run leaving you in the dark, and without tunes, for your final splits. And yes, this has happened to me and you can read about it HERE. I was running "in the dark" after mile 12.
  3. It gives you more to carry on your runs. Sometimes it is good to just be able to go out the door and run light and free.
  4. They can just zap the fun out of your run. Imagine just having the time of your life doing a run only to look down and see that although your run was fun it was slow. Should that matter? No, not really. We all need those fun runs to stay in tune with why we run.
  5. But my best reason to NOT rely on technology is because it can lie to you! Especially when your Nike sensor is getting old and needs to be replaced.

Daily Gratitude: I am thankful I know when I am being lied to.
Daily Affirmation: I am happy, loved, and strong.


  1. I tend to rely too heavily on technology, nice reminder to just unplug sometimes and run because you love it! :)

  2. I tried the GPS app on my phone recently and while I knew I had biked 16 miles (at least!) it was trying to tell me I had only gone 6.5. HA! I had a whole week recently of unplugged runs. Kind of nice :)

  3. Agree. I have had my watch totally fink during a race, and I have woken up to a dead watch that was "charging" all night. So crappy. But I still love to have it.


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