The ABC's of Me

Aloha and Good Morning!

The idea of this post has been popping around in my mind for some time so I thought today would be the day you get to learn a bit more about me...ABC style! Sorry, that is the mom of a preschooler part of me coming out. 

A - Adopted. I am adopted and honestly feel I am completely adjusted. You here about syndromes adopted children may face...or at least I have when reading books about being adopted....but not me. However, there is the slight fear of people leaving me but in all reality, I think anyone can face that. :)

Blue Eyes
B - Blue. One of my favorite colors; although, not a color I prefer to actually wear. I love that the backlight for my car console and radio is a lovely shade of blue. And I have blue eyes! I like those.

C- Candy. I have a sweet tooth but I am pretty darn good at resisting candy. However, cookies are a completely different story. I strive to keep them out of the house because they are so tempting. And if I am feeling tired or stress, my will power can crash and I fall victim to eating a cookie or two.

D - Determined. I am very strong-willed and determined. It is good in some instances but in others, not so good for my overall happiness. I can become focused on little things too much. Thing is, I am also able to back down if it means keeping the peace. Sometimes peace of the group is more important than my own happiness. Please note, I said sometimes. 

E - Erica. My name. My dad chose it. I like it and am glad he chose a "c". The Erica's I have met have all been very attached to their correct "c" or silly "k". I met one Ericka. Really, she had a "ck". I think her parents were either indecisive or were trying to free her from the silly "c-k" battle.

F - Flowers. I really don't like receiving cut flowers as a gift. I tend to think they can stay where they are and I can appreciate them in nature. Although, if darling daughter picks some flowers from our garden to bring in to me, I love that!

We grew this from a seed
G - Goats. We are in our second house on Maui that is in close proximity to goats. We literally have goats across the street we can watch from our living room window. It makes me happy. And darling daughter loves it too. At times we bring them "goat salad" made from grass and weeds from our yard.

H - House. I do feel the American dream of home ownership is at risk...or perhaps my view is tainted because I live in a place where a simple home can cost close to $400,000. I am not talking mansion ladies and gentlemen. I am at a phase in my life where this is troubling me somewhat. I would love to own a home but feel I won't ever be able too. But on the bright side, I am pretty darn good at turning a rented house into a home in a matter of minutes! Okay, maybe hours.

I - Ice Cream. I used to be hooked on this stuff and in all reality, I can resist it now. I do like a bit of mint chocolate chip or cookies and cream here and there but could live just fine without it.

J - Jellyfish (aka Sea Jellies....this is the better term, please use it). I once worked on raising some Phyllorhiza sea jellies. I loved those little guys. They are so darn cute!

K - Kindness. This is extremely important to me. I feel we should treat others with kindness as much as possible. It does make the world a better place and it is contagious. Start spreading more today!

L - Lipstick. I am drawn to the idea of lipstick in awesome shades but feel I look ridiculous in it. I really shouldn't ever put any on. I am not good at picking the shade for me I guess.

M - Menus. I create a weekly menu of what our family's dinners will be. It keeps me focused during shopping, helps with the budget, and avoids that end of the day "what's for dinner" dilemma. I stick to it pretty close unless dear hubby announces he won't be home for dinner. Then darling daughter and I have an easy meal with girls' night. I am not big on cooking a big meal for us when I am fine with nachos and she is splendid with a sandwich! Why make life harder on myself? P.S. I am also a firm believer in a family eating dinner together as much as possible. No excuses unless dear hubby is working.

My hand and nails
N - Nails. My fingernails are in rough shape. Well, perhaps not rough but short. I can not maintain growing them and will never put nail polish on them. Why draw attention to their shortness?

O - Open-minded. I am pretty open-minded. You don't have to agree with me. I don't have to agree with you. But I feel you deserve the respect of me being open to your opinion or argument, and vice versa. There is more than one way to slice an apple.

P - Perfection. I believe it doesn't exist but still strive to be closer to it. Go figure!

Q - Quiet. I tend to be the quiet one in the group. I will stand up and speak when needed. I am fully capable of doing a presentation to a small or large group. But I enjoy listening to the thoughts of others. I think this ties into the open-mindedness.

Before a long run....aloha fam!
R - Restless and Running. I am a restless spirit in some regards. I am not good at all at sitting and doing nothing. Stuff is always racing through my mind and I am always juggling more than one thing. I can't even sit and watch a show without doing something....either actively or mentally. Running helps me ease my restless spirit. This may not be a good quality.

S - Streak. One of the best decisions I made in my life was to run every day. It makes me happy. It makes me make time for me. It allows me to be a better me. It works for me. I love it!

T - Teacher. I worked as an informal educator and camp director. It was probably one of the hardest jobs in my life. Teachers deserve more respect. I don't know how they do what they do everyday. God bless them.

Spinner Dolphins
U - Underwater. It is peaceful here but I have not SCUBA dived since before darling daughter was born. Sometimes I miss it but not often. I have found an equal peace in cuddling with her and running.

V - Vicious. It hurts me when people say mean things to others. There really is no reason to it and often results out of hurt feelings. I think hugs and empathy are more valuable tools! P.S. I am a Libra...do you see the trend of equality and balance coming out in me?

W - Wishes. I still make wishes (aka dreams, goals). Without them, how could I push myself to be all I can be? Wow, now I am sounding like an Army commercial but you get the point.

Zebra at a zoo
X - Xterra. Nope, not me. Hmmmm.....I said that once about streaking.....

Y - Yawn. You may often find me yawning on my way home from work. As much as I try to keep my energy reserves full through exercise, sleep, and good nutrition....I am so tired at times!

Z - Zebra. I truly love the eyes and eyelashes of this animal. Beautiful!

Daily Gratitude: I am thankful for family who will listen to me vent when I am frustrated.
Daily Affirmation: I have the power to make the most out of my life.

Sisters and our kiddos!


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