Thank you legs

I have a love-hate relationship with my legs. Throughout those teenage years and beyond they were a source of much grief. I didn't have long slender legs. In fact, I feel my legs are kinda short and I have thighs (and glutes) that can make purchasing a pair of jeans/pants that fit a nightmare. I guess that is why I have adapted by not often wearing those items of clothing.

But even though my legs have been a source of self esteem and/or body image grief over the years and still are at times my logical mind knows my legs are a gift and should be cherished. My legs carry me during my runs and have proven amazing strength and adaptability. They are proving that they can carry me through long and short runs and have carried me through my run today, day 186 of my running streak. They carried me through my 18 mile run yesterday. They carried me through 172 miles of running this June versus 131 miles of running last June. My complete June training report will be coming soon.

Some overlap in months but you get the point
Daily Gratitude: I am thankful for my legs.
Daily Affirmation: I am a happy person.


  1. Great job with your running streak and with all your awesome mileage in June!

  2. You're running streak and monthly mileage are AMAZING!! :) You rock!!

  3. What a great post! Go you!! :)

  4. Great job with your mileage for June!

  5. Love this!

    Ohhh I hear you!!! I have always struggled with buying pants for my legs and glutes too. Apparently they are not proportional to my waist. But so thankful to them for all the Ks they do!

  6. Your legs are AMAZINGLY strong and powerful! Look at what they've done for you! They deserve a celebration for kicking so much bootay! haha Nice mileage, girl!


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