Running with Cold Sores...kinda

Did I get your attention? Perhaps because in all reality you may be thinking what does a cold sore have to do with running. We all know about those blistery things around your mouth caused by the Herpes simplex virus. They really don't impact running performance.....do they?

Simply stated....no, not really unless you are a bit of an oddity. Did you know that you can spread your own cold sores to other parts of your body? I learned that this is quite common. Imagine having a cold sore and drying off from a shower. Hmmm....perhaps drying your face off first isn't such a good idea. 

I have had a few cold sores over my lifetime and they were nothing very serious but somehow one day I managed to "infect" myself elsewhere and it has become more bothersome. I did go to the doctor and tests confirmed that is what must have happened. I will get an outbreak a few times a year and it is stress related. I know stress is bad. I know there is no use in worrying. But it is hard not to worry. I am working on that. In terms of the outbreaks, I am supposed to keep my anti-viral prescription in stock and at home at all times. I kinda slacked on that.

So that brings me to today and my decision to share a little bit of inside knowledge on this topic.

Before an outbreak I tend to get irritable. But since people can get irritable for many reasons an instant light bulb doesn't go off. Then I get tired. Really tired. Once again, people get tired, especially runners who are training. So now you have a tired, irritable running mom and no, no instant light bulb goes off. Then the skin sensitivity begins and then the proverbial light bulb goes off. An outbreak is on its way. Some are essentially nothing. Some are a bit more determined. You never really know. And then the headache hits. I tend to get a major headache in which it feels like someone is squashing my head from all directions and it lasts a few days. Nothing helps it. So now I am tired with a headache. The irritability is gone....unless it starts up again from the headache.

If I actually take the anti-viral at the start of sensitivity the whole cycle is shortened and I find relief quicker. I may even miss the headache phase. If I don't have any at home since I was trying to save money, and then it wasn't ready when it was supposed to be and I have to wait longer, the cycle continues. And that brings me to today.

Today's Run and Plank
I was dead tired this morning. I was a running zombie. I am on day two of the headache and my run this morning was hard. I really wanted to run for 90 minutes. I only had the energy for 40 minutes. I truly felt like I could fall asleep running on the treadmill and that didn't sound safe. The good news is my energy will start picking back up. I will get my prescription this afternoon. The down side is this time my running skirt seems to be rubbing on the outbreak and causing an annoying discomfort. But all will be fine.

And why am I sharing this since it is quite a personal story to me? Mainly to show that all runners have their issues and we can each pull through them and succeed. Don't let a "bad" run bring you down. Every run you run is a good run....even the ones that leave you discouraged. Why? Because you ran. Simply put. And I also didn't think it would hurt to let others with cold sores know to be careful....don't give yourself another dose of your own cold sore!

Daily Gratitude: I am thankful my mom is in town.
Daily Affirmation: I create my own positive change.

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  1. Yikes, I used to suffer from cold sores, too, when stress hit, or I got run down or ill or even the first day out in the bright hot sun in the Spring. I keep my lips covered in a SPF 30 now all the time when outdoors and reaplly it often AND I also have a great zinc-based balm... purchased in the U.S. as it is not available in Canada.

    Good that you recognize your symptoms.


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