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Let me bring us all up to speed on my recent training. I think I am back on track and my mind is becoming more positive and less doubtful. That is a good thing!

On Sunday I ran 20 miles with dear hubby and you can read about that HERE. I did a 1:01 plank. It was hard.

Running streak day 208
On Monday I took a recovery day and ran 1.0 mile on my incline treadmill at home in the afternoon. I was feeling okay but my legs were a bit stiff. The run helped loosen them up and I really did regret waiting until the afternoon for this run. I did a 1:20 plank.

On Tuesday I got up early and ran 7.0 miles at the gym. My legs were sluggish at the start so I started with an easier pace and got to my standard pace within 15 minutes.  My legs were still feeling achy and I volunteered to go up and down the stairs at work every time it was needed. I was striving to get those juices flowing to flush the aches away. I did a 1:37 plank.

Running streak day 209
Wednesday I was off of work and it was a family day. I opted to run on my incline treadmill at home in the morning. I surprised myself by still pulling off some speed work and did eight 1-minute intervals. My original goal was to run 2 miles, it changed to 30 minutes, and then to 3 miles. I followed it up with a 1:17 plank. It was a great start to the day. Afterwards, the family went to the lavender farm and the lavender scone was to die for! I could have eaten so many more!!! We then had some beach time and went out for fajitas for dinner. Darling daughter and I shared a chicken/tofu combo and dear hubby and Mom shared steak/chicken. I absolutely love tofu fajitas!

Yesterday didn't turn out anywhere how I planned it to be. I was going to get up early to go to the gym and slept. I decided to just go to work and get an early start with the idea I would go to the gym afterwards. I got to work and was locked out while waiting for staff...that must have overslept. Those 30 minutes of waiting irked me as they could have been good running minutes! When I left work I was feeling grouchy and headed to the gym and the entrance was blocked by utility trucks. I am sure this was only going to be a temporary thing but it was my last straw and I headed home. I hopped on my incline treadmill with the intent to get at least a good 30 minutes in only to have a little llama drama from darling daughter at 1.3 miles (less than 15 minutes). I gave up, helped her, and did my best plank to date - 2:08. Yippee! P.S. Mom took darling daughter and I out to dinner as dear hubby was working late. What a treat!

Running streak day 211
Today I got up dark and early and got some good running in. I could have run longer but my goal was to get to work early again so I could get home earlier. What can I say? I am trying to maximize my time with my family right now. I ran 3.0 miles and stopped and stretched my hamstrings. I then had a clever idea of running another mile and to push it to see how fast I could do it. I did it in 7'35". And I followed it all up with a 2:11 plank. I'm getting better!

Now all this plank stuff has me wondering if it will really makes a difference. So I got crazy bold today and took a picture of my abs to document what is happening. They say a picture is worth a thousand words. So here are my abs on day 10 of my #plankaday. I haven't missed a day. I try to go longer each day but that isn't always the case. But I have a minimum that I must hold the plank for at least a minute and so far I have been able to stick to that. Only time will tell.

Abs #plankaday 10

Are you doing #plankaday? If so, for how long? What differences have you seen?
Anyone else excited about the Olympics?
Any crazy plans this weekend?

Daily Gratitude: I am thankful for Words with Friends as it is an interesting way to stay in touch with family and friends.
Daily Affirmation: I can accomplish anything I set my mind to.

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  1. You are killing your training! Awesome job!! I'm SOOOO excited for the Olympics!!!!


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