My Favorite Running Spot

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Over the years of running I have to say my "go-to" spot for long runs changes. It could be the "flats" of Kihei, which can be hot but gives you plenty of access to water fountains. It could be the rolling hills of Wailea that are well manicured and provide shade, but do give you some good inclines. But right now my favorite spot has to be upcountry along Kula Highway and beyond.

I can't say I sat down and weighed the pros and cons of where I would do my long runs this training season. In fact, I gave it little thought. I was more focused on scheduling when they would be and how to arrange them to be with dear hubby. If you didn't know, my goal is for us to run a marathon together in September. And I really think this means more to me than him but hey, he is sticking to it for me so that has to count for something.

To Thompson Rd
Due to time constraints, etc. we ended up doing our first long run (18 miles) upcountry along his running route. It worked and we returned to it for our 20 mile training run. And he may not realize it yet but we will be returning to it for future long runs. And I just may stick to it for the training runs before marathon #3 for me in December.

What is the draw?

Simply put....it is quite beautiful even though you are along a highway. It is challenging and I am liking that for training runs. Essentially you are running hills at elevation. The elevation profile ranges from approximately 1,900' to 3,100'. If you run long enough to can take a detour off the highway onto Thompson Road where it gets more scenic and a bit more hillier. You will no longer be running on the shoulder of a highway but along a single lane road, which is frequented by many walkers, runners, and cyclists.
Google map and A is Thompson Rd

I wouldn't say I am a big highway runner. I have opted for sidewalks or areas less frequented by cars during the bulk of my runs. But this highway seems to feel a bit different to me. Perhaps it is because it is common to see runners along it; however, you can still run it and never see another runner during the course of your run. The vast majority of drivers are compassionate to runners and will give you a nice berth. Plus, did I mention the wide shoulders? There are a few segments of narrow shoulders though so I strongly advise running while facing oncoming traffic, but do I really need to promote that safety measure?

Along Thompson Rd
Along your run you can see awesome views including blooming Jacaranda trees (when it is their season), cows, horses, mountains, ocean, etc. It gives you plenty of distraction and just enough nature to ease your mind....somewhat.

What are the drawbacks?

Lack of water fountains along the way. I miss them sometimes. And it can start chilly which means, no getting accustomed to running in the higher temperatures we will face come race day when we run through Lahaina. But I am hoping the benefits of training with ongoing hills and at elevation will bring some great results come race day.

I'll let you know!

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  1. Cool, just found your blog via #FF and of course am jazzed that you are in Hawaii..Im sure you hear that a lot! Anyway, it is hard to find the right routes but I wish you luck as you train!

  2. You are so lucky to have such beautiful spots to run. I ran along the highway between Napili and Kaanapali last time I was there...not quite as scenic or peaceful as your highway! :o)

  3. I was just in Hawaii for our anniversary but I was in slug mode and didn't run at all period. I'm jealous of how goregous your runs are!


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