Marathon Training Week 9 Long Run

Running streak day 206
I really wanted to write this post yesterday while things were fresh on my mind but alas, I wisely chose to spend some good quality time with darling daughter and mom, but we will get back to that later.

My alarm went off at 4:30 am. I was supposed to get out of bed and eat to allow my body plenty of time to digest breakfast before my planned 5:30 am departure time. I could hear the coffee brewing but the warmth of the bed was seducing me to stay. I did end up to get my wits together and got up at 5:00 am so I would still have adequate digestion time. I poured a cup of coffee and ate two toaster waffles with a touch of peanut butter and a banana on top. Usually a great choice but this time it left me feeling not so good in the tummy. I truly contemplated many ways to sack this run especially since dear hubby, who was to run with me, wasn't stirring yet.

What if I just go back to bed? Nope....I would not be able to do that and would really dislike myself later.

What if I just snuck out and went to the gym and ran solo? Nope....I wouldn't do the 20 miles, would piss off dear hubby, and would really dislike myself.

I ended up posting to Daily Mile my mental hurdles and texting my little sis and whined about how pitiful I was feeling. After telling me health was more important I confessed it was probably just running nerves. And I am sure it was. I was beginning to feel the doubt and nerves mounting since Saturday....or perhaps even Friday. I even wanted to run early to just get it done with. She was a great little sis and quickly told me then to "get ur butt running :)". Great words of wisdom from a very supportive non-runner.

And at that time dear hubby emerged dressed to run and darling daughter emerged wanting me to stay with her. And then Grandma emerged to tell darling daughter she was there for her. Talk about getting the whole house up dark and early!

We managed to get out the door at 5:45 am. Not my ideal start time and the delay had my nerves going crazy and resulted in some crankiness in me. And this just made me more cranky since I was annoyed with myself for caring since it wasn't like we had to be at a start line at a certain time. Good golly! We were just heading out on our own to run. We drove to our starting point and after some set-up hiccups we were off.

View from Kula Hwy
Of course dear hubby started to leave me in his dust immediately and I had to remind him I wasn't starting fast, I wasn't racing, I was doing a training run. But eventually we got in sync....at least for most of the run. I have to confess after I took my first GU gel (around mile 6) and hit a portion of the run I love I left him in my dust. Really? How on Earth did he get way back there? I slowed so he could catch up and still think he must have snuck off for a pit stop or something. That is the only think that makes sense.

Around that time I was completely stoked to see some cows just off the road and waved at one....and then felt ridiculous. We ran on and the cows stared. I even told dear hubby that the cows wouldn't stop staring at me. He didn't see my humor. I ran on in silence.

I had portions of running that felt perfect, I had portions in which my legs ached, and I had portions of extreme mental hurdles. Thing is, I knew I had a different mindset than dear hubby and was trying to run my own run and not be pulled by his pace. He just ran a marathon on the 9th so this is "only 20 miles" to him. I just came off of two weeks of cut back miles so I was feeling very little confidence in myself. That is my own battle. I had to face it and run through it. And yes, he would tell me this is hard for him too and I know that but I also know how the mind can make things harder....or easier.

View from Thompson Rd
Since I was running with my Nike sensor (the GPS won't last this long) we had to estimate the turnaround point. We knew the 9 mile mark and the length of Thompson Road so it was easy enough to do. I feel pretty comfortable we were dead on. I had asked dear hubby to tell us when to turn and he did so at the exact place I felt it would be. If two runners agree, it must be pretty dead on, right? And like I said, we know this road like the back of our hands.

And it was this road, the middle two miles, that I felt like a slug. The up's and down's were killing me. The sun was bearing down on us. Up until this point we were pretty much running in shade and now we had sun and no breeze....but beautiful views. Ironically, it was this portion of the run that I ran my fastest splits. You can see them below but don't get sucked into the mile marks...my sensor feels we did 22.2 miles. We didn't. And I failed to calibrate correctly at the end. But it still shows a pace trend and that is good enough for me.

I took another GU at about 12 miles and we ran on. Thing is now, we were running out of Gatorade. Thank goodness dear hubby agreed and took that third bottle....but it was stashed along the road and we had four miles to go to get to it. I tried to conserve the water as much as I could, but I was needing to drink like crazy this time. Please note: dear hubby was only resistant on taking the third bottle since in our 18 mile run it was untouched. I was seriously not drinking like normal during that run. You can read about it HERE. We ended up only having to go 2.5 miles with no hydration but all I could think about was that water bottle with Gatorade. Ironically, when dear hubby picked it up I kept running and waited for him to hand it to me when he was ready. I guess just knowing it was in our hands now was enough.

We passed the cows on the return and dear hubby stated that "the steers are still staring at you". It was my turn to not be amused.

And those final miles dragged on. My legs ached but I was still feeling wonderful in all other regards. It then popped in my head that it was just the devil at work trying to convince me I was weak and incapable. I stomped on that thought and pushed through....although I still didn't appreciate all of dear hubby's yoo-hoo's and yippee's and singing. Darnit....another's runner's high can be darn annoying when you are battling mental challenges. I apologized later for being a butt. :)

After returning home I drank one scoop of Muscle Milk and slowly got myself together for the remainder of the day...after doing a minute plank that is. Dear hubby had to go to work so darling daughter, mom, and myself went to the movies to see Ice Age: Continental Drift and did some window shopping!

P.S. We completed our run in 3:26:14 with an average pace of 10'18". This marks half marathon+ #11 for me in 2012.

Daily Gratitude: I am thankful to have someone with me during the long runs....even if we don't really talk to each other.
Daily Affirmation: I am aware of my thoughts.


  1. Great job on your long run! How was the movie? I am thinking of taking my kids to that? I love the other Ice Age movies

  2. Christy, I emailed you my praise on the movie but wanted all to know....I highly recommend it! It was loved by all in my family and I love all the Ice Age movies. I get nervous with sequels being able to keep up the goodness but they did good!

  3. Good job on the 20 miler! I can't wait to do another 20 miler in the next few weeks!

  4. Amazing job on the long run. Cannot wait until I'm running them again too.


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