Marathon Training: Long Run Week 10

Today's long run goal was 16 miles. My alarm went off at 4:30 am and I could tell that dear hubby wasn't going to move a millimeter for quite some time. Therefore, I chose to rest for 30 minutes before getting up and eating breakfast. I started my day with oatmeal with lilikoi (aka passionfruit) and some coffee.

By 5:40 am dear hubby was beginning to stir and I got darling daughter set up with some breakfast to make things easier on Grandma. It was close to 6:00 am when dear hubby and I headed out the door to start our run.

As much as I tried not to be grouchy about the delayed start I still had some in me. Or perhaps it was the annoyance that once again dear hubby took off and was leaving me behind. I like to start slow. He obviously doesn't. We need to work on this. It probably took a good few miles for me to get over the annoyance of that and being able to hear his music over mine but call it good mental training. I thought about just turning around and didn't. I thought about taking the detour and just run home and I didn't. I stuck to it and overcame my mental hurdles.

The run in itself was pretty uneventful and we didn't really communicate much with each other. Once we got in rhythm with each other we pretty much stayed but I did have to tell dear hubby a few times to stop singing. I was working hard with my running and didn't relish the idea of hearing him sing along knowing my pace was so darn easy for him. If he only understood how frustrating it can be to be "the slower runner".

Along the way we saw goats (okay, a ram), cows, and horses. The scenery was beautiful. The weather varied from cloudy and hinting at rain to sunny. We ran through somewhat chilly to somewhat warm. I did enjoy the changes in weather but have to say, the overcast was better than the sunshine. But I didn't necessarily like the little headwinds that liked to pop up right before an uphill climb....but they were never much.

In all reality, I am very happy with my run today. I feel I ran strong. I ran my run. And I love my splits. Check them out below but please note, my Nike+ sensor had us at 17+ miles and I re-calibrated to our true mileage - 16.14 miles. Splits are not corrected and that accounts for the discrepancy but the point remains the same....the end of my run was faster than the start. And that final mile? Oh yeah, I pushed it! And this is half marathon + #12 for 2012!

Daily Gratitude: I am thankful that my mom had prepared scrambled eggs and orange rolls for us to come home to.
Daily Affirmation: I am spiritually strong.


  1. Nice job on your run! I think it's great that you and your husband can run together at all. My Hubby and I cannot....I feel your pain about being the slower runner. I am so much slower, though, it's not even worth trying in most cases. The one time it worked out we went on an 11 mile run, but I met up with him after he had already run 2 hours. lol Oh well. :)

    1. Awesome Shannon! It is taking time and dedication for us to run together. We are getting much better at it!

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  3. Awesome run!! You are so lucky to have someone to run with.. Especially your husband! Great run girlfriend!


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