Long Run #1 for the Weekend

Why is it so hard to hard the camera still?
Recently I read this article questioning, and supporting, that you should split your long run under certain circumstances.

Here were my thoughts...
  • I see that a "slower" runner would take longer to do the training runs, incur more wear and tear, but they would also take longer to complete the race. Does it really benefit them to split long runs and then race for a longer time?
  • How feasible is it for a runner to find time to run long twice in the same day? Personally, for me it would be a juggling nightmare and cut into my evening time I devote to my family but I know others can do this.
  • Is running twice a day really safer approach to avoid injury?

I am still uncertain and will stick to doing my long run all at once but would love to hear all of your thoughts on this? And please note, they don't suggest all long runs are split.

But I must also confess this article did pop into my mind as I was returning to running long after my short sabbatical. As much as I want to run my 20 miles ASAP my instincts were telling me doing so this Sunday, tomorrow, wasn't wise. The chiropractor still has me coming in for rechecks because the hip does try to go back out of place and needs to be reminded to behave. Although, it is getting much better at listening. What effect would running 20 have on it? Would it do more harm than good? Yes, I have been running without being aligned for months so I really could do it, but should I? And I tend to take a conservative approach to running and try to run smart, which sometimes means I may do things a bit easier than I should/could.

My original conservative approach was to run long yesterday, easy/short today, and long again tomorrow. But like I said, the article popped into my mind. What if I did do two long runs back-to-back 24 hours apart? What if I aimed to get 20+ miles done this weekend but not all at once? Wouldn't that have a training benefit? I definitely think it is better than skipping the long run last Sunday and not running long again until tomorrow and cutting that run short.

So darling daughter and I hit the gym this morning and it was awesome! I was dead tired and yawning non-stop as I dropped darling daughter off at the Kids' Club. Oh, you don't consider that awesome? I then headed over to the treadmills and hopped on and started my run. Time was going by as fast as molasses. Oh, you don't consider that awesome either? Hmmm.... Eventually at about 1 hour and 5 minutes (yep, I know the minute mark) I found my running extreme happiness and began enjoying the run. I have to tell you, I really do believe it takes me twice the mental power to run a treadmill run versus a road run of the same distance. But even with all that, it was awesome! I knew the run would take me from exhausted to energized from the get-go. My body was feeling great. My hips were happy and I do love feeling the difference in my gait now versus a week ago.

Day 198
I ended up running 12.42 miles in 1:45:00 with an average pace of 8'26". Tomorrow my goal is to run for 2 hours...or perhaps a touch more. If I didn't have Kids' Club time constraints I would have gone for 13.1 today but it took me time to get started, I needed a pit stop, and I had to stretch post run. And I had to do all that and get back to the Kids' Club in 2 hours. But this running mom is not complaining!

Today's run nutrition:
Pre-run - two frozen waffles with a touch of macadamia nut butter and banana, coffee
During the run - water (forgot Gatorade) and 1 chocolate GU at 50-minute mark
Post-run - 1 scoop Muscle Milk

Daily Gratitude: I am thankful darling daughter is crafting so nicely while I type.
Daily Affirmation: I know how to endure the boring to get to the wonderful!

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