June Training Report

First, I have to say that the downside of keeping notes of your workouts in multiple places is discrepancy. It is only a matter of a few miles year to date but essentially it goes down to human error. Either I added wrong in my paper log (likely) or I entered wrong online in Daily Mile or Running Ahead. In all reality, I trust Daily Mile the most since I do enter it daily and tend to double and triple check what I enter. Running Ahead I update monthly and in all reality, I don't need to. It just has some fun stats I can do at times so I do it. And it allows me to get these quick stats at a glance.

June 2011
June 2012

June was an intense month for me with a lot of focus on building up weekly mileage, incorporating speedwork/tempo runs, and incorporating hills. It is hard to see the impact of speedwork, etc. but from the stats above you can see that I have succeeded in increasing my mileage.

But how did I do in my attempt to achieve my June goals?

The goals were:

  • To continue to build mileage and have a mid-40's week by the end of the month - Achieved
  • Run with dear hubby more often - Nope but I knew he didn't want to start this until July
  • Set the foundation for switching my long runs to Sundays - Achieved

June Bonus: I did the Green Smoothie Challenge at Run to the Finish and even though I missed a few days, I feel it was an awesome experience and I plan to continue to drink green smoothies on a regular basis.

July Goals:

  • To continue to build mileage and have a 50-mile week by the end of the month
  • Run with dear hubby at least twice this month
  • To continue to train regularly with my mom coming into town
  • To incorporate some ab workouts into my daily routine - I have signed up with the Ab Challenge with Run to the Finish but it is hard finding the time right now since I need to have online access.
  • Stretch daily especially my hip and glute muscles
  • Keep tabs on my daily eating since I know my cravings are just going to get crazier as I up my running - more to come on this but I just started a new fitbook for the next 12 weeks

For those of you new to following my blog, welcome and Aloha! I am currently training for my second marathon and race day is in September. I am following this training plan I established and fine tuned to meet my specific needs. Please note, this plan represents the bare minimum of what I hope to achieve each week hence the weekly posts of new weekly goals, etc. I am getting my target paces from Smart Coach but tend to run faster since my treadmill paces are indeed faster than my road paces. Makes no sense to me. I am not a certified personal trainer or coach so please don't do something just because I do. What works for one may or may not work for another.

Daily Gratitude: I am thankful my darling daughter was not crying during our morning call today. It may actually be a tear-free day at school today!
Daily Affirmation: I am a loving mom. 

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  1. 170 miles? Wowzers chickie!! That's awesome!!!


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