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If you have been following my blog for awhile you may have heard me discuss fitbook once or twice (and perhaps even more). And I have to say it is because I truly do love their product that much. Trust  me, I am not sponsored by fitbook or being paid to say nice things about them. I am doing it because I want to. And yes, I do have an affiliate link to them on my sidebar but I just recently added that...within the past week.

All that being said and done, I keep returning to fitbook as my paper log of choice. Being cute and small are too HUGE selling points for me since I carry my log in my purse and it sits beside me on my desk at work.

I still wish they would come out with the runner's version they hinted too eons ago but I will still return to this trusty book when I need a little added nutrition focus to my training. When my long runs start getting longer I begin to get crazy sugar cravings and hunger mounts. Dear hubby can be a bad influence by saying things like you just ran 18-miles, a cookie won't hurt. True, one cookie won't. 100 cookies will. Now, I have never sat down and eaten 100 cookies but you get my point. Especially if you can become a running hunger monster too.

So as my training increased I turned back to fitbook the beginning of July. And I will be using it throughout the remainder of my training until race day in September. And in all reality, I will probably purchase another one in September to use until my next race day in December. And by races here, I mean marathons. The distance that makes me want to eat...and that is understandable. But come on, I still need to eat smart.

And that is where this trusty book comes in handy because it has a page to log my food intake daily. It has cute boxes for veggies, fruits, protein, sugar, etc. It has nice bubbles for water. It has a line to log how much sleep you got. It is a great compliment to logging miles because I can easily see page-to-page what I am running and what I am eating. It also gives you space to record the time of day with each meal so I can see if there is a time I become weaker and fall into temptation. And if provides a tool to shed the light....so to speak.

Let's imagine 6 weeks from now I am running great, feeling awesome, and am full of energy and then 2 weeks later I feel like a blob. I could look at my log and see if there was a running change or diet change. Bingo! Perhaps a mystery is solved.

Nice and small, on my lap
Now, I am not saying this little book is going to provide me with the meaning of life but it gives me the mental comfort to know I am in control of my body. I am in control of how much I run. I am in control of how I fuel my body. And I need that extra accountability to avoid reaching for a double chocolate chip brownie that is out for share at work. Because if I eat it, I need to write it down. And who really wants to write down they ate a brownie because they were weak? Now saying you ate a small one because it was your birthday, you completed your first marathon, etc. is so very acceptable!

On that note, I can't believe I forgot to mention....fitbook contains places for you to write down your goals and rewards! Just remember to reward smart...perhaps some HINT water instead of a brownie?

Daily Gratitude: I am thankful for fitness minded organizations and products.
Daily Affirmation: I have the power to say no to sugar.

P.S. I purchased this book and am reviewing this product on my own accord. I was not asked or told to do so. The opinions are my own.


  1. I love how petite it is! I'm super impressed by your tracking. That is the greatest way to stay on top of your health. If only I could convince myself to do it too!:)

    1. The weekends are hardest for me but it is so worth it! It is amazing to see what you are doing come to the forefront!

  2. I actually Love Love this idea...but I wonder if I would follow through, hmmm?

    Only one way to find out though ;) Looks like you are going strong and feeling great!!! hope your training keeps moving forward for you!

    1. I wondered the same at first. But I have made it important to me and that helps. Plus I am engaging darling daughter in it and teaching her about what each food does for our bodies.

  3. Hmm, I've never heard of fit book but I love the idea. I just use a crappy old binder with pages I made myself but I love the idea of something cute and prepared for me...

    1. I have done that method too. Some days I think it gives me more flexibility and journaling but I have found, with a structured book I am more structured in what I write down. It makes in meaningful for analysis. But what ever motivates is what truly is important!


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