198, 199, 200 for Dad - The running streak continues

Aloha All!

I hope you had a fantastic weekend full of good running, family fun, and lots of love! I must confess, I fell off of the blogsphere yesterday as I got so wrapped up in family adventure, fun, and celebration that I chose to let my writing wait a bit longer. I totally believe we should all put family first whenever our whim wants us too!

But to bring us all back up to speed, here is what I have been up to this weekend and beyond.

On Saturday I ran my first long run for the weekend. I ran 12.42 miles with an average pace of 8'26". You can read more about that run HERE including my reasoning for doing two back-to-back long runs.

Yesterday was day 199 of my running streak and I had long run #2 for the weekend on my schedule. I opted to run at the gym and I am glad I did since I went through water like crazy! I ended up running 13.19 miles with an average pace of 9'11". This marks half marathon #10 for 2012. A bit slower than the previous day but I was happy. It was also hard. My legs felt tired. Not hurting. Just tired. But that does make sense with what I was asking them to do.

Mentally the run started off tough but then it popped in my head....this was my last run in the 100's. It was a day for celebration. Forgot about 200 for now and live in the present and enjoy day 199. This carried over post-run to a lot of family fun at the park, pool, boardwalk, and at home! It was a fantastic day!

My running nutrition:
Pre-run - Oatie muffin and a touch of coffee
During the run - Gatorade, water, and a chocolate GU at about the 45 minute mark
Post-run - 1 scoop Muscle Milk

And that brings us to today. Day 200.

Woah....this is a big day for me in terms of my running streak, which will be continuing for those who don't know, and for how I chose to honor today. I opted to run 60 minutes in memory of my dad who lost his life to leukemia. Yesterday I recorded a video and it turned out quite raw in clearly showing the depth of my emotion. And I wasn't looking too glamorous after all the play time outside in crazy wind. For a moment this morning I was tempted to not share it since it is so personal and I felt so vulnerable. I pondered this during my run.

How could I take the easy road out and note share the video? For all those who learn they have leukemia, can they turn the diagnosis back in because it leaves them feeling vulnerable and potentially scared? Nope. And this is just a little video. This pales in comparison to so many other things in the world. So here it is...with any insecurities I have about sharing it and how it will be received. But it is me, clearly me, and expands on why running today for my dad is meaningful to me.

Today's run started out easy enough. I got out of bed and started the coffee. I was lazy and didn't set it up last night and decided I really did want a few sips this morning. I then got all my stuff together and headed out to the gym. It was surprisingly busy but I hopped onto a treadmill and started running. My legs felt a wee bit tired but amazingly good. And time seemed to be flowing by. I felt good. I altered the pace with the beat of the songs and thought of my dad throughout the run. Many times.

Running Streak Day 200
And then it got to the last minutes. I had less than five minutes left and I could feel the emotions welling up inside and was holding back tears. I opted to put on my power song just because it got to the core of me. So with Aerosmith's Dream On I kept running for dad. And I kept getting more emotional. And tears did sneak out because all I could feel was that I didn't want to stop running. I didn't want to leave this moment with my dad. I told myself it was silly to feel this way since he will always be with me in spirit - it didn't matter if I was running or not. But it didn't make me feel like I would be ready to stop. I told myself to run to the end of the song. Take it one step at a time. Ironically, the song ended right at the one hour mark. I paused my iPhone Nike app, jumped on the edges of the treadmill, and stood still for one minute.

It was a minute of quiet. The gym vanished. I didn't hear a think. It was just me and my thoughts and the rolling treadmill. After a minute I stopped the treadmill, gathered my stuff, and headed to the locker room...fighting back the tears each step of the way. And I can't imagine a better way to start the 200's.

Daily Gratitude: I am thankful no one started asking me if I was okay at the gym because I would have totally broken down crying.
Daily Affirmation: All my emotions make me stronger.


  1. Big hugs and congrats! What a wonderful and emotional accomplishment for you. :)

  2. I'm so glad you shared that video with us! Big hugs to you and congrats on 200 days!!!

  3. How amazing you are! Thanks so much for sharing your story with us...it really touched my heart. Hugs girl! And congrats on day 200...WOW!!!

  4. What a sweet sweet post. Love that you ran for your Father today and such a lovely tribute to him. So happy for you to have your 200th day done... and onward!

  5. You are super inspiring me right now with your streak. And I love that your power song is dedicated to your dad. Nothing is more inspiring to me than family.

  6. Thanks for all the supportive comments! You all inspire me to keep on going!


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