This week's long run

I am wrapping up week two of my marathon training and once again, I moved my long run up a bit in the training week to free up time for the weekend. Darling daughter has not one, but two, birthday parties to attend. We did the same thing last year but fortunately this year, the two are on back-to-back days, not back-to-back on the same day!

However, I felt yucky this morning. Not sick. Not hurting. Not really lethargic. Just not all peppy and ready to go. But I got into my running clothes, laced up my shoes, and announced to darling daughter we were about to leave. She asked if we were going to the Kids' Club. I didn't let the worry come out in my voice and said yes and was ecstatic when she eagerly bounced up and down in excitement. Phew....what a lucky start to the day!

We got to the Kids' Club, went through our normal routine, and I dragged myself to the treadmill still feeling blah but knew running today was the right thing to do. Running when blah is fine and builds mental stamina about overcoming hurdles. And perhaps my mind is just getting bored with the same running environment because surprisingly my body is still feeling good and strong even with the increase in mileage this week.

I knew I had a mileage goal (14 miles is on my training calendar and I have updated it to show the miles I actually complete each week) but opted to go for a time goal since I only had two hours of childcare and some was wasted with my stroll to the treadmills. I felt that would relieve some of the pressure of my run today and free my mind to enjoy myself a bit more. I would love to say with the first step I was in bliss but hey, I am not going to lie. I wasn't dying but I wasn't flying. But at about mile 8.5 pure bliss hit me so strong I honestly felt chills of pleasure run down my spine. This degree of runner's high doesn't happen to me very often but when it does, I know my spirit is fully engaged and I am running just how I am meant to be running. And I was astonished to find out I completed 15.36 miles in 1:50:34 with an average pace of 7'11". Part of me feels like I will never be able to do this again if I tried but that is the beauty of running. On days when you feel blah you still have the power to amaze yourself.

For my running nutrition I am beginning to incorporate what I will be doing throughout my training cycle and for the marathons in September and December. Yes, I am looking at both mentally as I need to finish the Maui Marathon and hop right into focusing on the Honolulu Marathon. I ingested two GU gels - triberry and chocolate. The flavors are okay but I really like vanilla and may just order them online since our local sports store doesn't seem to have this flavor in stock. I am also drinking a diluted Gatorade. I am making it from a big container of powder. Why Gatorade when it isn't my favorite? Dear hubby likes it, many races offer it, so I am going to give a a try early on to see if I can stomach it. If I start having problems, I still have time to convert back over to my tried and true favorites.

When I got home I couldn't resist looking at my mileage so far this week and realized if I run 2.81 miles tomorrow I will wrap up this week with 40 miles. I really want to do it. I know tomorrow should be a 1 mile rest day but really, how can I not try? And I can always go short on Sunday before bringing the miles back on come Monday.

P.S. This is half marathon #7 for the year.

Daily Gratitude: I am thankful for my run today.
Daily Affirmation: I know my dreams that are meant to be will be.


  1. What a great average speed for your long run!

  2. You rock! Even when you weren't feeling it--how awesome is that! I'm training for a half marathon in Nov. and tomorrow is my first "long" run...5 miles! I'm trying out the gatorade energy gels for the first time....I'm a big fan of diluted Gatorade(G2), too. It is way too salty for my taste!!!!

  3. That is fantastic! I just can't wrap my head around running that fast. lol

  4. Great run! It's amazing how just starting too move our feet can change how we feel that significantly. We do the powdered Gatorade too. I actually like Gatorade, but I hate to drink it when I don't really need it because it's so sugary.

  5. What a great run! So glad I stopped to read this post. Just wonderful, Erica!

  6. Wow! You killed that run. So inspired!!! :)

  7. I think you eat fairly healthy, so what are some of your normals to refuel and stay hydrated??


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