This week's long run: Week 5 of Marathon Training

I can't believe I am at the end of training week #5. I even had to double count as if counting to 5 is that hard. Time flies!

Do you remember my mileage goal for this week? Here it is....

I gotta say, I did it and beyond. But I will get back to that. Let's talk about today's long run. It was another day at the gym with darling daughter going to the Kids' Club. She eagerly started her adventure and I headed off to hit the trusty treadmills. My pre-run fuel consisted of a small cup of coffee with a hint of vanilla cream and two toaster waffles with a touch of macadamia nut butter. Yummy! I had diluted Gatorade and one GU to carry me through the run.

The run started good and I didn't feel as lethargic as I have been recently at the beginning of my runs. Thank goodness since my goal was to do 12 miles and I had a lot on my mind to work through. I wasn't ready for mental obstacles yet. The first hour went well and I was making it to my benchmarks without many mind games. I took my peanut butter GU after about 50 minutes of running. Yummy! At the hour mark, almost on the dot, I felt like a well-oiled running machine. My legs seemed to be moving with ease and life was perfect. I would love to say this stayed with me throughout the remainder of the run but I can't lie. It didn't but I appreciated the high when I had it. I am a firm believer of appreciating each small gift or blessing in life.

For some reason today I was also determined to have time on my feet. At moments I had the desire to just run faster to get to the end quicker but hey, is that always best? Speed is good on speed days but those easy runs and long runs have a purpose too. Time on my feet. Running faster to get done quicker isn't always the best plan of action. Go figure. But truth be told, I did let myself speed up in the final 10 minutes.

I ended up running 14.35 miles today and wrapped up the week with a whopping 44.43 miles and some chocolate muscle milk (1 scoop). If I had a running calculator in my head I would have done 0.01 more today just to be able to type 44.44 but look, I did it anyway! Thing is, now I need to tack on a bit more for next week's goal. I looked at my calendar and the adjustments I would need to do. It is going to be an odd running week for me since Saturday won't be my long run day....it will need to be the following Sunday. Therefore, I'm doing a lot of longish runs and will need to get my butt out of bed early most days next week. Wish me luck for my goal for next week is:

Daily Gratitude: I am thankful for my loving younger sister.
Daily Affirmation: I can push myself but know how to push hard but not too hard.


  1. What a great week you had. I love that pb Gu too. Just so darned tasty.

    Your training is going so well and I am happy for you!

    1. I love peanut butter so much so I never imagined I would love the pb GU but had to give it a try. I can't think of any other flavor that would be better. Vanilla Bean just got some new huge competition!

  2. wow! Good for you!! i can't wait till my miles are that high! i'm training for half marathons :)

    1. Awesome Sandra! Take it one step at a time. I did my first half marathon in September 2010 and still remember the training and joy of accomplishment. And from that time, I have had plenty of running days to slowly increase mileage. Slow is the key!

      Happy Running!

  3. Great week! Keep up the hard work.

  4. P.S. This is my 8th half marathon+ for 2012.


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