Recovery Day

My body ached last night. Okay, not my whole body but my legs were achy from my piriformis down to my toes. Not pain achy....just achy achy. And I think it is to be expected after running a 44.43 mile week so I am not worried. I did soak in some Epsom salt, sweet talked dear hubby into a massage, and put on my Tommie Copper calf sleeves to sleep in. This morning, I am feeling much better although there is still a bit of a knot in that darn left piriformis. I truly think that is my way of life now and no, running less doesn't make it happier. It can bug me even on low mileage weeks. I just need to give it stretchy love and massages....either by others or the foam roller.

Today I leisurely moved into my daily run. I made some breakfast for darling daughter and myself. We had oatmeal. I had plain wheat with craisins and cinnamon. She had Quaker maple. You know, those little packets that many of us grew up with. Please tell me you did too and I am not alone in this. I tried a bite of hers and have to say, woah sugar! It took me time but I am used to unsweetened oats right now so it shocked me. I am even thinking I will try to dilute hers with my oats in the future but then, she is eating it and doesn't get it every day so I think she will be okay. I survived it and it is setting the foundation of eating oatmeal, which I want to do. And dear hubby won't touch it with a 10' pole so if a little sugar paves the way, so be it. Does that make me a bad mom?

On to my run, I did an easy 1.11 mile run on my incline treadmill this morning and I really think it helped loosen up the kinks even more. I followed it up with stepping outside to tend to the vegetable garden a bit. A great way to start the day but now I think a shower is in order and some good quality time with darling daughter.

What are your Sunday plans?

Have a great day and talk to you later!

Daily Gratitude: I am thankful for sunshine.
Daily Affirmation: I am able to see the good in others.

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  1. I slept in my TC calf sleeves and compression shorts last night! Crampy left thigh and right calf... I love them and am so thankful to have something that helps.

    Hope you are doing better tonight and that you had a fun time with your babe.


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