Readjusting Goals

This is going to be short and sweet as darling daughter is hooked and wants to explore some more educational games online.

My training this week has had its up's and down's and yesterday I made a decision. I opted to stop pushing to reach my goal of 48.9 miles this week. In fact, I opted to not even run long today and just wrap up the week with under 40 miles. I was going to run at home but darling daughter really wanted to go to the Kids' Club and I wanted to support her ongoing enthusiasm for the days I really will need her to go.

Essentially, I knew I could run long today and reach my goal but I wasn't sure I should. Yesterday my legs felt a little achier than usual in the afternoon. Granted, by the time I woke up this morning they were feeling good but I stuck to my thought process yesterday.

I have 18 miles on my schedule for tomorrow. I feared pushing myself to reach "the goal" and then running 18 could risk injury. I can't say I feel one coming on but with how tired I have been, the aches, etc. I didn't want to tempt it. Reaching "the goal" wasn't worth risking my end-state goal of running a great marathon in September and repeat it in December.

I am at peace with my decision and kept my miles low today. I ran for 20 minutes, stretched my little heart out for 10 minutes, and ran another 10 minutes. My legs are feeling good and with the extra love and rest, I have faith they will carry me through my 18 miles tomorrow. I wasn't sure they would if I pushed them harder today. 

I am not the one to take short cuts or the easy road out and I don't think I have. I just made a smart adjustment to my training and wanted to share my thought process with you all.

And by the way, "the goal" is there for me again next week.

How has your running/training been going this weekend? Any changes in your plans?

Daily Gratitude: I am thankful for my few moments on the computer.
Daily Affirmation: I am in charge of my body and in control of my training.


  1. Sometimes you gotta roll with it! Love your attitude!

  2. Perfect example of how goals should guide us, not control us. I'm sure you'll have a great 18 miler :)

  3. Smart Girl to make the adjustments you FEEL you need to. Lots of people just cannot seem to do that and end up injured or ill... I applaud your decision. Good luck with 18 on Sunday.

  4. Smart decision! Listening to your body can never be wrong!


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