National Running Day: Speed Work

I must interpret my normal schedule of Wordless Wednesday to say yippee for National Running Day! How can a runner not be excited about today? But did that mean I eagerly jumped out of bed at 4:00 am to head off for my morning run? No way! As much as I love to run, and love to get it in before work, I still find it so darn hard to leap out of bed when it is dark outside. I really don't think this will ever become easy for me but perhaps I may get better at just doing it.

Today is the wonderful hump day of the week. You know, the day that is hard but can be so darn good since it marks the middle of the week. Ironically, it is on this particular day each week that my schedule has my tempo/speed work days. I guess I should take ownership of that since I am partly to blame the one who made that schedule. And hard these runs so darn hard but so darn good when you are done?

I drove to the gym dreading the speed work. I knew it was there, I knew the pace, I just couldn't remember the intervals and quantity. Once on location I double checked that and felt relieved. Two 1600m with a "jog" between. Total goal is 5 miles. Really, only two one mile repeats at my speed pace? That sounded easy enough! After all, I can clearly count to two and not forget which interval I am on! Yep, those repeats of 5 or 6 can become tough to keep track of. Some people may have gotten wary of holding a faster pace for a mile but hey, I only had to do it twice today!

My plan always starts with a mile warm-up and cool down on my speed and tempo days so I stuck to that formula and busted into my run. The speed miles were hard and at the end of each I was ready to ease up a bit but I got them done. And the beauty of speed work on the treadmill is you can't slow down when you start feeling a bit sluggish. You gotta keep running! After wrapping up my 5 mile plan I opted to run a bit more at a slightly slower pace than my usual easy pace runs. Why? Because I really want 44 miles this week and I need to sprinkle a few extra miles in here and there to achieve that. I ended up running 7.6 miles in just over an hour with an average pace of 7'57". I really did want to keep on running especially since a really good tune just started playing but alas, I had to get to work!

Have a wonderful National Running Day! Did you run today? Are you going to? What did you run? Anything else special to add?

Daily Gratitude: I am thankful for the massages dear hubby gives me.
Daily Affirmation: I am growing stronger each and every day.


  1. Anonymous8:11 AM

    Yes, I was a crazy woman and got up to run with my running group, Black Girls RUN! Columbia at 5 a.m. That means the first alarm clock went off at 415 am. I never get up and run early, but I told our 5 am group I would run with them as well as get a few more miles in tonight with our larger group.

    So, I've gotten 3 in this morning with plans of getting in 3 more tonight.

  2. Awesome! Way to get your speedwork in:) I did a speed session at the gym too. It felt great!

  3. You seem to be getting faster every day! Way to show that speed session who's boss!

  4. That is crazy fast! Awesome week!

    I've got 1km intervals tonight. So glad to hear i'm not the only one that loses count!

    I usually run mid morning when my Little one is asleep but we opted to meet hubby for lunch today instead so will run tonight. I agree it is so hard to get out of bed when its dark. I use to tell myself that the pain of getting up only lasts 5 minutes and then i'm glad i'm up. Will have to return to early morning running again one day soon.


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