Just Running Around

It has been a crazy weekend and I am so glad I decided to do my long run on Friday to free up time for the weekend. But I still felt there wasn't enough time to do everything darling daughter and I wanted to do.

We started our Saturday with some time at the gym and Kids' Club as I was determined to run a little more than my scheduled one-mile rest day to get to a 40-mile week. I just had to do 2.81 miles. I seriously recollect running 3 miles but I just triple checked my logs, including the Nike app that doesn't lie to me, and I ran 3.6 miles in 30:04 with an average pace of 8'20". That totally makes sense that I ended up running more to round out my 3 miles to 30 minutes. And then darling daughter and I headed out to party #1 for the weekend. That night, I was tired and made a "lazy" dinner of tuna melts, which turned out quite delicious. For the tuna salad part I mixed tuna with mustard, carrots, tomatoes, fresh herbs and toasted with cheese. Yummy! I was exhausted by the end of the day and ended up going to bed early.

Sunday I woke up to a note from dear hubby that he could give me time to run later in the day. First, I don't like to procrastinate on or put off runs. Second, I really needed to take a rest day from running so I opted for just 15 minutes...a twist on my rest day mile. Doesn't rest day 15 minutes sound nice? I ended up running 1.44 miles on my incline treadmill with an average pace of 10'23". I then got the laundry going as well as a crock pot of lentil soup before heading off to party #2 with darling daughter. I probably stayed up too late before having to return to my normal work schedule today but I survived.

Today I opted to not do my green smoothie in the morning. I really do think the blender will wake the family so perhaps it will just be my afternoon daily snack. So I headed to the gym with a cup of coffee and ran 6.28 miles with an average pace of 8'45". Training week #3 is off to a good start and I am hoping for 44 miles this week!

Daily Gratitude: I am thankful for being able to see things like this....especially since there are less one mile days.
Daily Affirmation: I am ready to see my own life in new and exciting ways.

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  1. You stay so busy and I'm always impressed with how you take just 15-20 minutes and squeeze in a run.


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