Hit the Hills with Me

Life is all about choices. We make them each and every day and in all reality, what truly matters at the end of the day is if you are happy with your choices.

I choose my family. I choose to love. I choose to run. And when I put my head down at night, I am happy with my choices.

Yesterday I chose to sleep in. The day before I didn't and did this. Yesterday I slept. I am happy with the choices I made for myself both days and believe they positively impacted my run today. But first, let's step back about a minute and say yesterday after work I ended up running 2 miles. I did have time to run more. I really could have but I chose to be a mom, to make lunches, to make dinner, to be with my darling daughter. I don't regret it one bit.

Today I chose to get out of bed super early and had my alarm set for 3:30 am. I had to re-brew my pot of coffee since I seemed to have messed it up last night. I guess I forgot to pour the water in top and just left it sitting there in the carafe. Hmmmm.....the water actually has to go through the coffee grinds to become coffee running mom. 

I got to the gym dark-and-early with my pre-run nourishment of that homemade oat muffin I loved so much the other day. I had to try it again. There is something truly peaceful and invigorating walking into a pretty much vacant gym and coming to a row of empty treadmills. I had to take a moment to take a picture of the serenity but then quickly hopped on and got to running. My goal was 10 miles for today. With that, I could do some good longish runs the next two days, perhaps a mile or two in the evenings, and would be on target for my weekly goal and perhaps not too burned out for my long run Sunday. Oh my! In all reality, my training week isn't developing in the ideal way with so many miles stacking up before Sunday but I keep telling myself, it is good training and building strength. Listen to your body. Don't get too wrapped up in those numbers you love so much. Try to reach your goals but be smart. Sometimes it sucks being your own coach.

And since it is Thursday I still wanted to do some hills. Yep, I did an incline run at home yesterday but I didn't feel that truly fit my hill workout goals for each week. I warmed up for a mile or so and then did a 30-minute segment of 2-minute hill repeats. They started okay but felt harder as time progressed. I then did a mile or so recovery and stuck in another 10-minute segment of 2-minute hill repeats. This segment had three 2-minute hills. And they felt hard. Harder than those in the first round and I was going the same pace. I honestly wanted to stop every step of the way but kept on running. I knew these three were the most important three. Getting through the three that are the hardest mean the most.

I wrapped up those hills and kept on running. Isn't that what everyone does after hill repeats? I thought so. I ended up with 11.10 miles today and I am very happy! I am so happy I completely forgot about the soapbox post I originally was going to post today....and that is good news for all of us! Essentially, it was going to be about how we are each responsible for our own happiness in case you are dying to know.

P.S. That muffin seemed to have a good impact on my running again this morning. Yippee!

How did your workout go today? What did you do?

Daily Gratitude: I am thankful for the phone call from darling daughter this morning.
Daily Affirmation: I am in control of my own happiness and accept that I can't make others feel happy if they don't want to be happy.


  1. I need that miracle muffin recipe!

    1. Don't worry....recipe will be coming soon! I so wanted to share it today but want to make sure I have it right and don't trust going off my memory. And an added bonus, my darling daughter loves it too! She is eating one daily for breakfast before school. :)

  2. Very nice workout! I too ran on the mill since it's so darn hot here. Just getting back into some marathon training.

  3. wow congrats on an amazing run at an awful hour! You are so dedicated!!


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