Bengay zero degrees - Product Review

Remember this picture from last Wednesday and my promise to say more? Well here it is!

I was contacted by Bengay and offered the opportunity to review this product, Bengay zero degrees gel. I was instantly intrigued because they stated it could be stored in the freezer and that sounded "chilly nice"! I must confess, when I agreed I did tell them my current go-to was Icy Hot for my aches and they still sent me product to review. And when the first one arrived in sad shape, they sent more at no cost to me. Score 1 for great customer service!

First, let me tell you the bottle of product arrives in a sealed zipper bag, the one pictured. When I saw this I was saddened by the extra packaging as I try to be green in my purchases. When I saw the bottle leaked I was happy. Now that I am using the product and storing it in the freezer I am very happy. Yep, that extra bag isn't a waste. It is needed and a great idea! Mahalo!

Second, and what you probably really care about, is how it works. Awesome! The fact that it goes on chilly cold is an awesome plus and I feel relief immediately! I have used it faithfully on that pesky piriformis and feel so much better afterwards and it has no lingering scent at all. It barely has a scent when you put it on. Totally not like the Bengay I remember from earlier years. I wouldn't go as far as saying it "blasts away the pain" of my piriformis because those aches do come back but hey, is there one of us out there that is expecting a miracle product? We all know these products provide relief, not cures.

But I can say it "blasts away the pain" of my tension headaches....and that is an added perk. And did you know perk is slang for perquisite? I have battled two tension headaches with this product. The first time was after I took pain killers and found no relief. I got home and thought about the Bengay zero degrees. I was hesitant about putting the chill on my neck so focused on my shoulders. Instant relief. So last night when the headache returned (days later by the way) I skipped the pain killers and went straight to the Bengay zero degrees. Instant relief. And for someone who battles headaches on a regular basis, this is the best discovery in my life! Relief from headaches without pain killers! Mahalo Bengay!!

Now if you are anything like me you may be wondering how Bengay got its name, right? After some googling, and entertaining my fellow co-workers, I learned Bengay was named after its developer, Dr. Jules Bengue.

Daily Gratitude: I am thankful for the staff at Bengay for giving me this opportunity and introducing me to an awesome product.
Daily Affirmation: I make every act an art of love, freedom, mastery, and hope.

Please note: I was given this product to review by Bengay at no cost to myself. I did not promise a positive review. I was not paid for my review. The opinions expressed are solely my own opinions.


  1. I love this stuff. I have sitting in my freezer and I love rolling it on while it is cold!!

  2. Great review. I wonder if this would work on my shins. I don't have shin splints but they are pretty sore, I am probably working towards getting them.


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