Zensah Compression Socks - Product Review

I have seen and heard enough stories of compression socks to be intrigued even though my feet and calves are not my "problem children". So when Zensah contacted me with the opportunity to review a pair I leaped at the opportunity. I must confess, I was determined to prove that running in those things were uncomfortably hot. I mean, how couldn't they? I live in a warm climate and races can be hot. How I Earth could anyone, especially me who can't stand more than a bra top and running skirt, wear something that goes up to my knees?

Today I stand here telling the world that I was wrong. The athletic compression socks were not hot and in fact, in some of my test runs my calves were the coolest part on my body. I even tried them on my home treadmill when I am always a sweaty mess and had no desire to pull them down for temperature relief.

Darling had to try!
In terms of performance, I can't say if they make an positive impact but they definitely didn't make me run worse. I wore them outside for a pretty intense uphill and downhill run and post run I had minimal aches in my shins. Yes, this is one of the few times my lower legs will ache for a bit. That downhill running isn't something I don't do often and it does take a physical toll on my body. But it is through this muscular damage that I grow stronger, right?

And to truly give the socks a full test, I slept in them a few nights. I didn't get too hot. I felt comfortable all night. And my legs felt rested in the morning.

Darling and Mom
Will I keep sleeping and running in my Zensah compression socks? Sure! What is the harm of some preventative measures? My only complaint is the sole of the sock attracts lint like crazy and that is only aesthetics....it totally does not impact performance or comfortability. Just keep that in mind if you are going to walk around your home and sleep in them like I did. In addition, the socks are nicely labeled with a L and R. Pretty sweet, eh?

Do I recommend them to others? Absolutely! I can only imagine the positive impact these can have on someone with pesky calves. And if you were worried about being too hot running in them....you won't be.

Note: I received no compensation for writing this review. Zensah provided me one pair of compression socks free of charge and I did not promise a favorable review. The opinions here are my own.


  1. I love compression socks and since I run every single day, I am usually wearing them every single night. I credit my compression wear with allowing me to streak AND go ultra long at the same time withOUT an injury. I completely drank the compression sock koolaid!

  2. I love my compression socks! I usually wear them as a recovery method. I don't think I have run in them. Glad you like them:)

  3. I love my zensahs! LOVE LOVE LOVE them!

  4. Nice review and glad to hear you like them!

    I haven't tried the Zensah yet but would love to.

  5. I haven't tried Zensah out yet. Thanks for the review!

  6. Great review!!! I've worn compression socks on long drives after a half marathon...not sure if it helped or not but in my mind it did! I've heard great things about Zensah's...I'll have to invest in some!

  7. I like sleeping in compression socks for recovery too, although I didn't like running in them as much. Maybe I'll try out the Zensah ones too.

  8. Anonymous9:00 AM

    This is perfect! I was looking for a post-run sock. Love my compression socks.


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