Sweat Pink with Me Results and Door Prizes

Aloha and congrats to everyone who raced and submitted their results to be eligible for the door prize drawings. Those winners will be announced in a moment but right now....here are the race results and I did try to share some link love. Please note: A few race times were entered in a different format and I truly do believe I converted them properly to the hh:mm:ss format.

Half Marathon
Dear Hubby 1:49:00
{lifeasa}Running Mom 1:51:37
Ashley Mc. 1:54:26
Jill W. 2:14:59
Pink Hat Runner 2:38:27
Elle 2:52:37

Gwen 56:58
Marie S. 58:32
Fancy Nancy 1:01:59
Carla O. 1:02:29
Heather W. 1:03:06
Lori M. 1:06:15
Stacey K. 1:09:00

Jamie 25:53
Yolanda 28:33
Taryn P. 29:53
Toni C. 30:19
Suzanne 30:44
Ronalee D. 31:05
Connie K. 31:42
Heather W. 32:09
Karen 33:00
Cathy L. 35:14
Daryl C. 36.57
Jen D. 38:42
Faye S. 43:22
Debra H. 44:13
Lisa S. 46:35
Esther C. 48:13
Melanie O. 57:05

First Place winners of the 10K (Gwen) and 5K (Jamie), please email (lifeasarunningmom at gmail) me with your physical mailing address and I will send you a sweet treat for a job well done! Please put WINNER in your subject.

Door Prize Winners - the winners were selected randomly with random.org and dear hubby and I were removed from the list of eligible winners. If a runner ran two races, their name was entered twice into the drawing.

Pampered Runner Package - Pink Hat Runner
Sweat Pink tank from FitApproach - Suzanne
fitbook from fitlosophy, inc. - Taryn P.
Why Fat Loves Women ebook by Kendrick - Stacey K. and Heather W.
Upgrade your Running Style by Kendrick - Melanie O. and Heather W.
Eco-Friendly Families Book - Jen D.
Pink Shoelaces from FitApproach - Jill W., Fancy Nancy, Toni C., Cathy L., Lisa S. and Esther C.

All door prize winners need to email me (lifeasarunningmom at gmail) with their physical mailing address so you can receive your prize. Please put WINNER in your subject.

All prizes (first place and door prizes) must be claimed by May 21, 2012. I received no compensation for hosting this race. FitApproach, fitlosophy, inc. and Kendrick Fitness donated prizes for this event. I did not promise positive reviews or comments. 

Race Recaps
Some runners were kind enough to share their race recaps with me. If you posted a race recap on your blog and I did not link it below, please provide your URL in the comments below. If you provided me the link and I missed it, I am truly sorry.

My Post
Running, Loving, Living
Michigan Fit Mom
One Tough Cookie and Beer
Little Fancy Nancy

And a huge Mahalo to the runners who shared race pictures with me via email or on facebook!

Eat Run Sail

Jill W

Karen L.


Toni C.


  1. Yay!!! Love these recaps and of course winning!!! Thanks again!!!

  2. Wow I am completely shocked that I had the fastest 5K time!! I guess that PR did more for me than I thought :) I will email you now.

    Congratulations to everyone else!

  3. I don't see me in the 5K listing. Not that it matters because I had a 32 minute 5K; however, if I am missing I wonder if others might be, too?

    1. Revved Runner, did you input your time via the form on had online? I just double checked the master copy and my working copy and there was no entries that I overlooked. I can't explain what happened though with the Google document not capturing your entry if you input it. I am so sorry.

    2. I did it through the link on your reminder post; it was a simple screen. Possibly it timed out? I did it via my work computer; I have never had it 'block' anything before but there's always a first time for everything. I can have IT take a look - just for future needs. :)

    3. The link is still active; I just sent a test submission. I placed 'test' in the min:sec field, so I am not sure if it would actually go through. If that's the case, maybe I had an incorrect character when submitting the first time.

    4. Revved Runner, I just emailed you....check it out!

  4. Thanks for hosting this great virtual run!!! Congrats to all the winners (me included)!!! Thanks for sharing my pic and recap!!!

    1. You are very welcome! It is hard work but hearing the stories from others makes it all worthwhile for me. :)

  5. Thanks for hosting a lovely virtual event! Congratulations to the winners and to all of us for getting out there and running! We're all winners, right?!? :)

    1. Absolutely! I wish I had an endless supply of goodies to share!

  6. So fun to read your post and see the results.

    Congrats to your winners, too.

    I did do a race recap of my first half marathon on my blog at

    It's pretty long!

    1. Thanks Elle for linking your blog post!

  7. Thanks again for hosting! So excited that I won a door prize!

  8. Thanks for hosting this. I haven't been blogging for a while so I need to catch up & post mine with the info for my 5K I did for this... the nice weather has been keeping me away:-)


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