A Mentally Challenging Run to Start the Day

After pushing myself this weekend I completely understood why my legs ached this morning. That is nothing really new or anything really surprising. I also felt a little sick to the stomach but that could be due to the round of antibiotics I just finished for a nasty sinus infection....the one that left me with a bad taste in my mouth.

All that said and done, all I could manage was to grab a banana to eat and a couple of sips of water before tackling my easy run slated for this morning. The goal was 5 miles and I wasn't feeling one bit of happiness at all about it. Honestly, I felt like a one-ton slug. Shortly before 3 miles I wanted to call it quits but a song came that got me pumped up and happy. Unfortunately, the happy moment only lasted 5-minutes but it was enough to compel me to complete the 5.01 miles at an average pace of 9'06".

I would love to say I feel wonderful now....great for getting it done. But I don't. I feel tired and achy and thankful tomorrow is a just-a-mile-rest-day. And my stomach, still unhappy. Although I am still blaming myself and the antibiotics. I know I should drink probiotics when I am on them to help me out....I just kept forgetting. And I think this is the price I am going to pay. Hmmmm, I hope that is all it is.

But do I regret running? Absolutely not. If my stomach was happier I would be happier. I am glad I persevered and got it done as that is what training is for. I know I am feeling uncertain about my performance this weekend for a half marathon and don't even ask about the uphill 10K on the 19th. I am not even officially registered yet and my confidence is way down there. If only I could take a catnap and postpone the official start of my day.

Daily Gratitude: I am thankful for Tommie Copper calf compression sleeves.
Daily Affirmation: I have the strength and determination to accomplish my running goals.


  1. Hope you are feeling better REALLY soon!

  2. I hope your minimum mile rest day helps you feel better. I can understand how the running every day does wear on you some days. So far it's just not enough for me to give it up. If I have too many days where my running isn't enjoyable or if it becomes a chore for days on end, then my streak will end. But until then, I struggle through those yucky days to keep the streak alive.
    Tomorrow will be a better running day!

    1. Thanks for the support and if no one else understood, I knew you would. I ended up sleeping an eternity yesterday and am so much better today...but not quite 100%.

  3. I hope you get over your sinus infection. They are no fun! Keep your confidence up, you have the fitness.


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