I reached my goal, now what?

Goals can be great motivators. They help us get out of bed, lace up, and get our training runs done. Perhaps your goal was a 5K, a 10K, a half marathon, a marathon, an ultra. I don't really think it matters because once you achieve your goal you may be left in limbo. All your focus and energy is left running idly around and you may feel lost and confused.

I believe through experience runners learn how to deal with this limbo either my setting up a slew of progressive and ongoing goals (my strategy) or by accepting the moment as a time to do something different...treat yourself. But I also believe even the most experienced runners can be left with that lull after race day even if they have PR'd and exceeded their goals.

The question remains....now what?

I wish there was one simple answer that fits everyone and every scenario but there isn't. Sorry ladies and gentlemen, there isn't. This is where a little soul searching needs to take place. Each one of us needs to decide our own now what?

If your original goal was to run a 5K and you achieved it. Awesome! Don't forget to pat yourself on the back but don't get lost either. You are in a great place and your future goal opportunities are limitless. Do you want to do another 5K? Do you want to go faster? Do you want to go longer? Look inside and trust me, the answers are there. Just don't fall off the wagon and lose momentum.

Did you just do a 10K? Awesome! Essentially the same questions apply...do you want to do another 10K? Do you want to go faster? Do you want to go longer?

These basic questions can be applied to each distance but I must warn you to be in tune with yourself and what your strengths are. I believe we can all get faster to a point but then we reach our peak performance. Don't give up. Diversify. Go longer. Or perhaps....add variety. Do you want to tackle a triathlon?

But fitness doesn't just have to be internal. Do you want to share your talents? Perhaps you could be a good training partner and inspiration for others. Did you overcome huge hurdles to accomplish your goals? Others may be going through the same. Perhaps your next goal could be to help them achieve their goals.

All you need to do is one thing....don't let the now what? derail what you have achieved. Use the now what? to do a little soul searching and set a new goal for yourself.

Daily Gratitude: I am thankful for open communication.
Daily Affirmation: I am grateful I can stay focused on the big things in life.


  1. I suffer from that lull big time. To mask the lull depression, I sign up for more stuff. It helps me get through to have a future date to get excited about.

  2. i definitely have a "now what?" attitude from time to time. I think you're right though - it's great for soul searching and setting new goals and maybe pushing yourself outside your comfort zone.

  3. I love the "now what?" mentality! :)

    1. As in the soul searching that is. :) Just wanted to clarify! I don't want to ever get to a point where I just want to give up.

  4. Great feedback ladies! I feel this is a stage in running we all go through. Learning how to handle it is what makes us each better runners. Plus accepting that each one of our goals may be different....and that is okay. It actually makes things better and more exciting!

  5. Great post! I always have to have a future goal, or I get lazy. My "Now What" has to be defined!

  6. Anonymous5:45 PM

    Great post just what I needed to read today!

    1. I love it when I read a post just when I need to too! Have a beautiful day!


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