Fueling My Body

I read a lot about what people are eating....or not eating. Sometimes it can be inspiring but sometimes it can make me feel frustrated as if I am not doing enough for myself and my family. Health and nutrition is extremely important to me. In a perfect world, I would only buy organic and local produce but in all reality, I can't afford to do that. Therefore, I choose to do the best I can and realize every small step of improvement I make in our family diet is good.

Part of my frustration can be linked back to the fact that I was a vegetarian for a long time. I even went through pregnancy vegetarian and pretty much through nursing as well. But in the early years darling daughter had low (but not critical) iron so I decided it would be best to incorporate some heme-based iron into her diet since it is easier to digest. Therefore, I started eating meat again since it is easier to make one meal for the whole family. But I still incorporate many vegetarian days into our weekly diet and look to meat on occasional days and on a side note, it makes dear hubby happy too. He is a carnivore.

With all that said and done, I look to eat healthy and fell in instant love with Healthy Surprise for snacks. I am on my third month and after the first month I upgraded from the Starter pack to the next size, the Healthy Pack. There is something for everyone in here and darling daughter and I excitedly open it each month. We immediately pick out a few snacks just for her and label them with her name. She isn't as keen on the nuts and some of the "odd" treats so to keep her eating healthy, trying new things, and excited I feel it is a must for her to stake her claim on nutritional snacks.

Here is what we received this month:

And healthy snacks are important as I eat five times a day and rely on nuts or fruit for my am and pm snacks. And apple, pear, or banana with almond butter rocks! And some days I get really ambitious and make some fruit chips for the family with our dehydrator.

Check them out:
Apple, pear, or pineapple work great!
To be honest, my breakfasts recently have been less than ideal so I am ecstatic to announce I am taking part in 30 Day Green Smoothie Challenge at Run to the Finish. I have been intrigued by the idea of green smoothies but scared even though I love veggies. And I was so excited about this challenge that I started it yesterday. Why wait until June? My plan is to drink a smoothie for a new and improved breakfast. So far I am blending together spinach, banana, marionberries, and vanilla soymilk. Today I sprinkled a little cinnamon on top. And these are so delicious that darling daughter is drinking it up too! Just don't tell her spinach is inside....her four-year old mind might rebel. And when I am not sharing with darling daughter, I will add some protein powder or the hemp seed sample I got in my Healthy Surprise pack this month.

My smoothie yesterday:

My smoothie today before blending with soymilk:
I even got a new blender for this since mine was dying
My smoothie today ready to drink:
Do you see the cinnamon on top?
Often my lunches at work are leftovers from dinner the night before so I aim to make extra vegetables, etc. that will do well reheating at work. But on weekends you can often find me eating homemade nachos topped with vegetarian refried beans, cheese, pepper, mixed sprouts, and tomatoes. And sometimes, I toss on a few orange slices too!
A sad day....no more tomatoes
Lentil soup w/ chunky veggies
And what's for dinner? Pasta bake with pureed veggies, tofu nuggets, falafel my way - a healthier version, spaghetti with meatballs (and I don't have to eat them and the sauce is made with pureed veggies), vegetable enchiladas (that resemble cheese enchiladas), tuna melts, chicken and veggies, roast and veggies, homemade split pea or lentil soup (with hidden veggies) etc. And I am always sneaking veggies into anything I can mainly to up the vegetable content of our meals but now it is more important as darling daughter is getting a bit picky about her foods and I want her to eat more veggies than she is. So I hide them. And in all reality, she does love them all but is going through a phase so instead of a huge battle I compromise. Eat a little of everything on your plate and then mommy will sneak more into your smoothies and afters and ensure you are eating healthy snacks throughout the day. And how do I know she loves her vegetables? Because yesterday when given the choice of splitting a chicken bake or a salad for lunch she choose salad. Thank goodness since that is what I wanted too. Mommy tip - if the child picks the salad the child will eat it with less fuss and lunchtime will be merrier. Just don't ask for advice if the child picks the chicken bake....mine almost always picks the salad so I don't often have to eat the chicken bake.

Daily Gratitude: I am thankful for the light showers that watered our garden this morning.
Daily Affirmation: I believe in myself.


  1. Anonymous4:34 PM

    This post speaks to/for so many of us. ..every little effort goes toward the greater good and makes a huge difference in the grand scheme of things. Keep on keeping on -- and I lovvvvveeee that you're attempting a green drink every morning. I got my parents hooked on a recipe, so I'll have to share it soon:)

    1. I would totally love to hear about the recipe. I am keeping it simple right now just to keep darling daughter hooked but am ready to get crazy with myself.

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