Dreaded Tempo Runs?

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How can I love running so much but yet have a run that always causes so much dread? I think for each one of us the dreaded run is different. For me, it is the tempo runs. I would rather run long and slower or in fast bursts any day but I realize that tempo runs are just as important to my overall training. If nothing else, they provide great mental training to bite the bullet and do the dreaded.

I was fortunate enough to be able to sneak out of the house early enough so I could hit the gym before work. I debated between running longer and going 10 miles or doing that tempo run that was slated for me this week. I really was tempted to run the 10 but thought perhaps I was just trying to avoid the run I didn't like. After all, all I was really supposed to do was run 5 miles with 3 at tempo. What is so hard about that? Just 3 miles at a faster pace. No big deal....I could do this. So I opted it would be better for me to tackle the run I dreaded than log more miles. And my time was limited.

As I was running along (essentially in place on a treadmill) I began dreaming of wanted a bit more mileage. For some reason that number at the end of the week does matter to me. I know I shouldn't put too much weight on quantity if the quality is good....or if life is throwing me obstacles like a four-year old waking up consistently at 4:00 am with me...but I can't help myself at times. I even started entertaining the thought of running 4 miles at tempo. Isn't it ironic? I am running the run I dread but already dreaming about doing it longer? And for me, that is usually the case. I ended up completing 5.5 miles to allow me to have time to fuel up the car before work too and 4.0 miles were at my tempo pace. Yippee! The only thing that could top this feeling of joy is if that dreaded meeting later today is short, sweet, and not as nasty as I fear.

Daily Gratitude: I am thankful for a sleeping little girl this morning.
Daily Affirmation: I have confidence in my ability to analyze fundraising and to present my findings effectively.


  1. Way to get it done!!! You did great!!!

  2. Nice tempo run. The hardest part as we know is getting started on those dreaded days we're just not feeling like doing it. Congrats on getting it done girl.

  3. yay! nice job on the tempo run! It's funny how ten miles can feel "easier" than 4 speedier ones. I actually like tempo runs every once in a while, but I do dread sprints.

  4. Great tempo run!!! I think I dread tempos too, I'd rather do intervals but tempos are necessary.


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