A Blur of a Weekend

Glimpses of Weekend Fun
Darling daughter has no school tomorrow. It is Feast Recovery Day. I really wish I could have a feast recovery day. I am exhausted and so not ready for work tomorrow especially since it is going to be a long day.

Why am I so tired?

Because I feel I have been going non-stop since Friday. I started Friday with 2.36 miles with an average pace of 8'40" and contemplated running an ultra....one day. Then we headed out to the feast for the opening ceremony of prayers, crowning Mary, and songs sung by the preschoolers....darling daughter included. So how could I resist us eating there and playing some?

On Saturday I started the day with a 1.05 mile incline run with some intense speed work. I wasn't sure I would find more time to run since darling daughter and I were heading back to the feast to meet up with some friends. But not after going to do our grocery shopping and having a little drama of me losing the car keys after getting a refund since the granola was charged as cashews at twice the price. Only I could lose keys within a millisecond but after what felt an eternity, I found my car key in a grocery bag in the trunk. Hmmm.....must have lost them there when retrieving an apple for darling daughter who couldn't wait another moment for snack. Once home I then discovered somehow I put a small hole in our milk carton so ended up filling up almost every one of my water bottles with milk. Thank goodness it was time to go play! I needed a break....and our break lasted 4 hours and included yummy, indulgent food, games, jumpy castles, and face painting. Once home I ended up taking my tired legs back on the treadmill and ran another 3.0 miles at an incline and at an easy pace. Then we headed out to our garden to transplant my two new lavender plants from pots to the garden.

Today, I started the day with a run outside hitting some good hills. I ran 4.42 miles with an average pace of 8'56". Hmmm.....perhaps a bit too fast for an easy, longer run. My pace at the start was holding around 8'10" until I had to run the largest incline back uphill home. I must confess, I had to walk fast for a bit but if I knew how close I was....I would have kept going strong-ish. Yep, I knew where I was but wasn't sure about the running distance if that makes any sense.

Then darling daughter and I picked up the presents we had to buy for upcoming birthdays and she somehow managed to sweet talk me into returning to the fair for some more fun...another 1.5 hours playing. And no, this time I didn't run when we got back home. We worked in the garden more tending to our new flowering plants and giving some good plant food to our veggies.

How is your weekend wrapping up?


  1. sounds like a good but busy weekend. Love that picture, so cute! My weekend was good but busy too. I feel like most end up being a blur.

  2. SOunds busy as anything! Mine was as well!! Friday night was the last friday night softball practice I'm holding. We had team photos saturday morning and a game a couple hours later. Right after the game, our son had practice. Sunday morning, we drove an hour for a CFF walk for the girl at my school and then later my son had a game. We arrived an hour before to set up (grill, bathrooms, field, etc) and then stayed an hour later to help clean everything up. I also got in a 2.5 mile run/ walk. yeah, busy, busy, busy. But I figure it's better than sitting in front of the TV (except for watching the Phils...like I'm doing right now..)

    1. Great job and oh my! That is busy too! But yes, so much better than sitting around watching TV and my temptation might be the Cowboys.


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