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Personally, I am honored to be a FitFluential Ambassador primarily because it represents an amazing group of bloggers, and non-bloggers, dedicated to fitness. What isn't there to love? Plus FitFluential pushes me to be a better me whenever I reflect back on their foundation of Eat, Sleep, Move, Enjoy

I do a lot of soul reflection during my runs and today I pondered if I am really fitting the bill of being FitFluential. As a woman who has had self-esteem questions throughout her life it seems a bit "big-headed" to say I am influential to others. But in all reality, we all influence people every day of our lives. Every contact you make with someone is a moment of potential influence, either positive or negative. What impact do you want to leave on the world?

I want to leave a positive impact. I want to influence others to believe in themselves and to embrace fitness. Am I achieving this? I think so but that doesn't mean I have done my job and will hang up the proverbial running shoes. Hey, if you know me, I am NEVER hanging those up. But here is how I feel I am doing okay so far....

How I did it post
EAT: I am striving to bring more wholesome foods into the house and limit the sugars. I have set a good example for darling daughter by quitting diet coke and avoiding all fake sugars. She may not realize much about this right now but one day she will. I have also set the foundation for healthy snack choices and she knows the difference. I have faith she will make good choices now and later in life....at least 90% of the time and I can't ask her to do more than me.

SLEEP: This is my problem child and I can't say I am influencing others to be better at this while I am still working on finding enough time to sleep more myself. However, I have discovered that wearing compression wear to bed on my achy nights helps me sleep better overall. I am striving to get to bed earlier as my early morning runs need it. But my hurdle is balancing my sleep needs with giving time of myself to dear hubby.

Treadmill is off. No power at all.
MOVE: I run everyday and darling daughter is my primary witness. She often gets to see the transformation of an overwhelmed mommy into a peaceful mommy with just a mile. She sees me stretching and doing strength work and comes out to do her workout too. I have to believe I am making an influence since darling daughter is already doing good yoga moves on her own...with their right names. Imagine if I was a yoga expert! But it goes beyond my daughter. Dear hubby has confessed that I motivated him to start running and he has already put one marathon under his belt and has more running in his future. And through the virtual runs I have hosted, I have heard great feedback from runners worldwide who ran on a day they may have skipped just because they said they would. That makes me smile.

And did I move today? Yes, today marks the second day of my official marathon training plan and day 144 of my running streak. I have learned running each day helps me recover faster. I raced my heart out this Saturday and was able to run 5 miles today (after 1 mile yesterday) and my legs felt great and strong. There was a time in my past where that would not have been the case.

ENJOY: Life is too short and too precious to not be enjoyed. If you aren't happy with what you are doing, change it. Be happy. And remember, happiness begins with yourself. You choose to be happy and to be mad. And yes, I know it is hard at times when things are so frustrating to say, hey, be happy. I fall into the grouchy traps more often than I would like but I have also found my life preserver. Running. It may work for you. It may not. It really doesn't matter, just find something that does make you happy and do it. Enjoy life!

Daily Gratitude: I am thankful I have a job and can provide for my family.
Daily Affirmation: I eat healthy and nutritious foods.....90% of the time.


  1. I don't drink soft drinks too often (maybe a Sprite a couple times a week), but if I do, it needs to be the "real" thing (sugar or HF Corn Syrup) for a couple reasons.

    I don't handle aspartame (Nutrasweet) well. I tend to trust my body, so I just avoid it. I will occasionally eat something with one of the other "fakes" if it ends up in some yogurt in the house.

    The other is just taste. Diet stuff just tastes nasty to me and has a bad aftertaste.

    I drink a lot of water (w/ Lemon is good!), even when eating out because I don't need "pop" and cause I'm cheap. :)

    Great job on the streak!

  2. I agree...life is too short not to enjoy it! Do what makes you happy...(note to self).

  3. I especially like the bit about teaching by example: because your little girl sees you running, a tiny seed is sown, and hopefully later in life she'll become a runner too. At least that's what I hope will happen with my kids!

  4. I think you are a great example of what being FitFluential is all about!


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