6th Annual Jacaranda 10K Race Recap

Elevation gain 1,300'
I ran this run for the first time last year (2011) and was set on performing better this year. Please don't take that as I was disappointed in my performance last year. I am just someone who strives for continual improvement in all aspects of my life. Last year my time was 1:07:59. I wanted to beat that. And I wanted to break an hour. And I wanted to place well again. Last year I placed 2nd in my division. These are all pretty ambitious goals if you take into account that the race is essentially all uphill. Woah!

And this is a race that gives me the jitters. Part of that is due to it is a small race in terms of turnout. It makes me wonder how crazy I am to embark on this journey not once, but twice, and with plans to keep coming back for more. I love how it is organized and that there is no race bib. They have a great popsicle stick method for keeping us all straight and like I said, the turnout is small and I am sure that helps. This is one of the many races I love to do that are hosted by Valley Isle Road Runners.

The race starts in Makawao at Seabury, a beautiful school campus. After a pep talk telling us the course, that it is hard, that it is uphill, that we should add 10-15 minutes to our 10K PR for our expected end time, etc. we are off. You would think I would have been completely ready to go after lining up but not really. I was more focused on pulling dear hubby back a bit from the front to allow the local "elite" to get up front to fight it out until the end. One benefit of racing with the same crowd a lot is that you know who is fast and who you don't want to stick to. Plus for me it is a sign of courtesy to not crowd those going out fast. Let them have their space. I have the whole race course to have my space.

When we would told to go, I went....obviously. I diligently started my Nike GPS app and then put my earphones in place while running. I told you I wasn't completely ready but this was no problem. I know how to deal with earphones while running. The race starts with two loops around the field at the school and I wanted to start out good like last year. Perhaps a fast start but a good start. I like it that way for this race. Shortly into the second loop I swallowed a bug. Nice protein, huh? I took a sip of my nuun to rinse it down and kept on running and then it occurred to me. I am up here running with dear hubby and the guys. Hmmm....not good since I am not the fastest running girl out here. It wasn't until we hit the road that some ladies passed me. I was okay with that since I realized I was running 1 minute per mile faster than my target pace for the race. In hindsight I wonder if I should have pushed it a bit more and tried to secure a better overall standing but I will save that for another year.

2 miles in I was still running faster than my goal race. I did the first uphill fine but we were coming to the big long hill and it knocked my pace back....significantly. But it must have been doing the same for all since those in front of me weren't pulling away that I could tell and those behind me weren't passing us. I was happy and I was at my overall goal pace. But I knew I couldn't keep the pace too slow for too long. I had to push it.

After the big hill there was a bit of a downhill. I pushed it and flew and enjoyed the feel of the breeze through my hair and we passed one lady. I liked it. Sorry I did. Score 1! The hills came back and my pace eased up. Honestly, there is a delicate line between pushing yourself and killing yourself. I wanted to race well and finish strong. Not die at mile 5.8 or something crazy like that.

However, there was that guy in front of us. I was determined to pass him. We did. Score 2! And we kept running. I really think dear hubby was giving me words of encouragement along the way but it was hard to make out. My mind was focused on running and absorbing my tunes, which remarkably were perfectly aligned with my running. I made my play list perfect for this run and the run faster songs and run with soul songs came on just when I needed them. Amazing!

We were moving into the final stretch and there was another lady in front of us. We were following her for awhile and I wondered if she was in my division. Last year a lady passed me at the end and she was in my division. I didn't want to be in the same position. But she seemed to have the same running plan as I did and our distance wasn't shrinking....until....wait, I am getting closer? We eventually passed her (score 3!) but I was certain she was going to be coming right back. I pushed myself as much as I could but I was beginning to feel sick to my stomach. I honestly wasn't drinking as much as I usually do during my runs. I had no real desire and was forcing sips. I wonder if that is why my stomach started getting unhappy. I usually don't get nauseous in races. But I told myself to keep going and focused on my spiritual side of running. And then there was another increase in elevation. Really? More? Here so close to the end? I pushed it as much as I could and then I saw the people at the end. And again this year an inner reserve pushed me to the final stretch. I saw the clock. 1:00:36. I was pissed for a moment. Really? 36 seconds? But then the logical side of me took over. I just beat my last time by 7'23". I have nothing to complain about. And I was too sick to talk. But in moments, I was better and ready to enjoy the after party...in Kula.

Dear hubby and I both placed 1st in our divisions. A happy ending to running together, don't you think? And he kept saying he was not with me at the end. I thought he was right behind me.....but look. Oops....how did I lose him?

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  1. Oh those 36 seconds!! You did amazing though and scored an awesome PR!!! Plus you came in first! What a rockstar!!

  2. Anonymous3:52 AM

    Amazing! That sounds like a lot of fun!

  3. Ahhh that is awesome! Congrats to you on your time and place :)

  4. Congrats on a great race!!!!

  5. Loved reading that race recap. Better than last year and 1st in your division. Incroyable. Keep doing it.

  6. A great race recap!! Nice time too.

  7. Congrats to you- that's a huge pr! I've had a similar experience a few times, disappointed because I just missed my goal, even if it was a good overall race. Glad you could shake that off!

  8. Congrats on the PR! Great recap :)

  9. Congratulations on a huge PR and for you and your hubby both taking first place awards!


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