Why are you running again?

That is the question darling daughter had for me at the final push of my 1.0 mile run today....run number 2. I just smiled and said, "What?! I already ran today?"

But in all reality, I ran again because I wanted to. I was feeling a bit grouchy and a bit guilty for being grouchy and knew a run would just make me feel better. So even though my goal was a super short run since I don't want to bring on any overuse injuries (I ran two times yesterday too and typically don't do this) I pulled on my 110% Play Harder compression shorts to run in. They are quite compressive and I always wanted to try out running in them and short runs are perfect experimental runs.

The run went well. I felt good and no birds....I will fill you in shortly if you don't follow me on Daily Mile. My pace was 10'36"...those incline runs really slow me down.

This morning I did an incline run as well resulting in 2.0 miles at a pace of 10'25". My run was cut short by a huge BANG resulting in my screaming and jumping 10' in the air. Darling daughter calmly told me "Mom, it is just a bird." Yep, it was another bird hitting our window and this time, the bird did not win. Fortunately I have good friends I can call on and "uncle" came to the rescue to remove the evidence while we were away from the house and darling daughter is none the wiser. And this running mom needs to come up with some idea to keep birds away from that darn window.

And while I am at it, yesterday's second run was also an incline run of 2.73 miles with a pace of 10'57". In all reality, I don't get all bent out of shape on my pace at home since I am running at a 10% incline but also some days it is just plain HOT. I can be sweating like crazy no matter how many windows are open. It all depends on Mother Nature, the temperature outside, and the amount and direction of breeze. But I do think I need to consider always starting at a slightly increased home pace like I am doing for my gym pace.

Daily Gratitude: I am thankful for friends who will come to my rescue even if it means driving out of their way.
Daily Affirmation: I am really good at jumping in the air and returning to a good running form on a treadmill while leaning to peak out the window to check on a bird.


  1. Anonymous2:00 AM

    Wow! I am impressed by the incline runs. When training for Pikes Peak last year, I did 10 percent incline quite often - to WALK! And, that was hard enough.

    Sorry about the bird. I am such a sucker for animals that I get all beyond sad when something happens to one at my house. Luckily for me, though, my dad lives all of two miles away and he is the one I call for clean up duty. It's sad. I am a 40-some-year-old woman and I still call on my dad to clean up after me. :) Love my dad. :)

    1. Not sad at all to call on help. No matter what our age, we all need help from time to time. ;)

  2. I'm horrible at training inclines on the mill!! Kudos to you! I usually rely on Mother Nature for the hills! That bird would have given me a heart attack!! Yowzers!

    1. I am just impressed by how calm darling daughter remained even with her mom totally freaking out!


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