What Kind of Runner are You?

Running is my me time and often I can find myself pondering all kinds of questions. Today I thought about my running. I am not the fastest running mom. I am not even the running mom pushing the most kids. And trust me, I am not the running mom logging the most miles. But none of that really matters because in all reality when we really get down to looking at the nuts and bolts, each runner is facing and conquering the same battles.

I am an everyday runner. I am a running mom. I am a treadmill, roadside, pushing jogging stroller runner. I am an easy run, tempo run, speed work, interval, incline runner. I can be a really slow runner. I can be a faster-than-I-imagined runner. I may get faster, I may not. But one thing I can promise you is that I will continue to be the "I love to run" kind of runner and to me, that is what is most important. Sure, I love the bling. Sure, I love to PR. Sure, I love to place well. But at the end of the day the moments I remember the most aren't really those.

I remember running the Kaua'i Half Marathon and the views and spectators. That was an amazing experience. I clearly remember the one lady sitting outside her house with her family, bundled up with blankets with an oxygen tank. I remember how touched I was that she was out there watching us run by. I remember the spiritual connection I felt with my Dad. I really don't remember my finish time. I did fine but I can't tell you the exact time. That race was two weeks prior to my first marathon and was one step in my journey to that race day.

Don't get me wrong. I do push myself. I do train and hope to improve. I recently re-incorporated strength training into my daily running routine to help balance me out and keep me strong. And at times, I do want to "win" in terms of running a new PR. I dream of going faster. I dream of going longer. And those dreams are based on how much fun I have during the journey. Because once I cross the finish line, it is over. And if that one second was the most important thing to me I feel I would be wasting so many others. Think of how many hours go into your training and running the race. Why make the final second the prize? Make the journey the prize and then the photo album of your running life will be full and inspiring.

Daily Gratitude: I am thankful for being able to run today.
Daily Affirmation: I intend to be an instrument of infinite kindness and inspiration.


  1. Anonymous3:59 PM

    I am definitely a "gather-the-experience" type of runner. I'll never be that fast, I don't think. Or, if I somehow do get fast then it will be a surprise. So, instead, I go for unique experiences. And, yes, I love every step of the way. :)

  2. Oh me too. I am a 'loving the run along the way and watching beautiful scenery and dogs playing' kind of runner!

  3. Great post!! I'm in the middle like you and I enjoy the journey and not just the finish. You are impressive though because you run everyday and not many people can/will do that :)

  4. Anonymous8:37 AM

    Before kids I ran to win (place or show!)-after I ran early before work and with a stroller-this was in the early 80s-now that my daughter is grown I continue to run before work to wake up my brain. 40 years later and still getting out the door...

  5. Our running styles seem very similar. I was hesititant for years to even call myself a "runner" because I am not particularly fast, nor do I log particularly impresive amounts of miles. I am an average Jane Mom runner....and proud of it!


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