This week's long run

I know I am fully capable of designing my own training plans and long run calendar but I have fallen into the comforts of using the Smart Coach app on my phone. And I am very lucky to have this convenience in life because it gives me more time to focus on other things - like family and running. However, it seems I follow it as closely as I followed my own creations....with flexibility. And the no mileage days the app puts in become 1-2 mile days for me.

This week the Smart Coach had me scheduled to run 12 miles for my long run in the maintenance phase of my training cycle. Yep, you can tell it how hard you want to train and what you want for weekly mileage. Cool, huh?

Since I was off of work yesterday due to darling daughter's Easter break I opted to do the long run then instead of today. No real reason. I just felt motivated and knew it would give us the full weekend to enjoy at home. So after starting some homemade soup from some "spare" ingredients I had at home (one chicken breast, celery, carrots, onion plus seasonings) we got ready to go. By the way, this meal fed us all last night for dinner with seconds and dear hubby took leftovers to work today for lunch.

I was completely amazed on how busy the gym was on a Friday morning. I really thought it would be quieter than the same time on Saturdays. But since we are early birds we got a spot in the Kids' Club no problem and I was lucky that all the people exercising didn't want a treadmill. After a hug and a kiss I left darling daughter to play under great and kind supervision and I headed out to run with a "enjoy your workout" from the Kids' Club staff.

I had a bottle of nuun, prepared by darling daughter, and a chocolate GU gel (new to me) along with my gym "towel". I am only putting towel in quotes since I use a wash cloth. I find them easier to pack and manage and they serve the same great purpose. I am even thinking about making some pink wash clothes in honor of Sweat Pink but I digress.

The first two miles were tough. My left leg felt tight and ached. It wasn't anything huge or overwhelming so I ran on hoping the movement would loosen things up. Thank goodness the trick worked and within 30 minutes I began dreaming increasing my distance from 12 miles to 13.1 miles. I mean, it seemed silly to stop at 12 when I could just put in another approximate 10 minutes to complete a half marathon. Plus I was confident I could do this in the time allotted for kid care.

At home post run
So I ran on surrounded by chatty people walking on treadmills but today the hum of their conversation didn't seem to bug me. I was too grateful to be able to run while darling daughter was playing and having fun. Yep, I pick a treadmill with a vantage point to the Kids' Club so I can see her occassionally bouncing around playing while I run.

At about 10 miles I  "heard" an announcement from the Kids' Club....or at least I could tell they announced something but couldn't make out one word. I took out my earphones to listen better and ended up chatting a bit with the lady walking next to me. She wanted to know how long I had been running and share her tales why running doesn't work for her. No problem, she was walking good on that treadmill and I can't look down on anyone doing anything to better their health. Any activity is better than sitting....always.

Stop with the camera mom!
I finally determined the Kids' Club must have just been announcing people's names on the waiting list and put my earphones back on to complete my run. And then one very sweaty running mom who just ran 13.26 miles went to go get her darling daughter and she got to "help" me shower.

Afterwards we did our downcountry errands and even stopped at Old Navy. I had some Super Cash and decided to use it even though I had to spend some money to get the money. In all reality it resulted in everything being 50% off for me since I stuck to my plan and didn't spend more. And hey, every now and then a running mom needs to treat herself to a couple new running bras, tank tops, and sleep shorts!

Daily Gratitude: I am thankful darling daughter and I will have two stay upcountry days this weekend. What to know what on Earth I am talking about? Read this post.
Daily Affirmation: I am in control of my own happiness.

P.S. This is half marathon #5 for my 12 in 12 goal.


  1. Woohoo! Awesome on getting in 1/2 #5! You're one month ahead! Maybe you can get a lucky 13.

    1. I may have to strive for 14 to go beyond 13!

  2. Great job! And way to do it so that you had a great run and your daughter got to have fun!


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