ProSource NytroWhey Product Review

As a FitFluential ambassador I got the opportunity to review a whey protein product, NytroWhey Original from ProSource. Prices start at $27.95 for 2.2 lbs and you can choose from strawberry, natural, fruit punch, chocolate mint, vanilla, or chocolate. Please note: the website indicates this is a discounted price from $55.90 but I don't know for how long.

I opted to go with vanilla to sample and ProSource sent me a 2.2 lb container. Why vanilla? I stick to the plain flavors as I sometimes add my protein powders to pancakes or oatmeal. It arrived very quickly after they notified me it was sent and this is amazing, especially since I live in Hawaii. I eagerly opened the container to prep me a sample to use the following morning after my run. I immediately noticed how light and fluffy the mix looked and was intrigued. But before I go further I must add that this fit my protein powder criteria...and I verified this before agreeing to sample and review the product: it is only 150 calories per serving (I won't use powders with 200+ calories) and it contains no artificial sugars. Please note: a serving size is 1 scoop for 4 ounces of water or milk. I always use water.

How does it taste? The vanilla is delightful and easy to mix with my blender bottle. The more you shake, the creamier the drink. In all reality, I usually shake very briefly and it ends up with a couple small clumps and that is okay with me. They are very small and I prefer that over extra creamy. But hey, I may just be a bit odd.

To go one step further I decided to find out if others besides me were equally impressed. My stepson often drinks protein drinks so I made him test it. He loved it. Dear hubby never drinks protein drinks. I made him try it. He loved it too. In fact, the next day I caught him going in for more!

And before I could really tell you what I thought I had to make some pancakes with it. I added 1/2 a scoop to my mix like I usually do, whipped it up well, and made vanilla cinnamon pancakes. And you know what? I believe this is the first time I made pancakes with a protein powder and actually tasted the hint of vanilla. I loved them and so did darling daughter. 

So now you know I love it and that it is only 150 calories but you still aren't sure if this is worth trying. One scoop has 4 grams of fat, 23 grams of protein, <1 gram sugar, 128 mg calcium, and 210 mg potassium to start with.

Is this a product I will keep using? Absolutely for $27.95 but for $55.90 I'm not so sure. After all, I am a running mom on a tight budget.

Have you tried this product? Did you do a review and write about it? Why not comment below and feel free to add a link to your post. The more information we share, the better!

Daily Gratitude: I am thankful for this FitFluential opportunity and discovering a new product I love!
Daily Affirmation: I can accept the things I cannot change. 

Please note: I received no compensation for writing this post. ProSource provided me with the product at no cost to review. The opinions are solely my own.


  1. That's a great way to get extra protein in. I love that you added it to your pancakes, good idea!

  2. This does look like a good one... I love trying new protein powders.

  3. They have a fruit punch flavor?? i'm intrigued. I have yet to find a protein powder i like....

  4. I have a bucket of nytrowhey original, it's says one scoop to 4 ounces. I don't have a scoop so could someone please tell me how much a scoop is. Like 1/4 cup or what? Please help


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