Monday Musings

I had a great weekend! Darling daughter and I had two "stay upcountry" days and I didn't start my car engine for over 48 hours! I thought it would be hard but in all reality, we had the best weekend of our lives! Okay, maybe not that great but it was pretty darn awesome! We spent time blowing bubbles, making dinner together, gardening, making a fairy garden, recovering pillows with baby blankets for the couch, stringing beads for necklaces, playing catch, crocheting (okay me), reading, cuddling, and yes, I did my running at home. We also spent time doing some good green cleaning. My spirit feels rejuvenated!

Although, I am still dead tired. I think I am going to bed too  late and getting up too early so I have to commit to a "go to bed early" night. Sorry dear hubby. I just need my sleep.

And what about the Boston Marathon? Are your tracking the runners/bloggers who inspire you? You can do so HERE. You just need to know their full name or bib number. So far my ladies are doing great....but I had no doubts!

And for my final random thought....I wrote a guest post as a Sweat Pink ambassador at Fit Approach. You can read it HERE. Check it out and see how I found my aha! moment.

Daily Gratitude: I am thankful that my daughter is embracing the changes I am making in my family's life.
Daily Affirmation: My life experiences make me a better person.


  1. sounds like an awesome weekend! I want one of those weekends - definitely good for the spirit and to help just unwind.

  2. Very cool guest post! It sounds like you had a wonderful weekend too. Sometimes every once in a while you need a weekend like that too rejuvenate. :-)


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