In a perfect world....

I would grant all moms the superpower of being able to nip a temper tantrum in the bud.

Today is a school holiday for darling daughter so I am off with her. After breakfast, we headed to the gym to give her some Kids' Club time and to give me some good running and foam rolling time. My goal was to run for 30 minutes today and I ended up completing 3.5 miles. At the start I felt a bit off. I have had a funny taste in the mouth the past couple of days and it was annoying me. My chest felt tender, which annoyed me. But I kept with my plan and within 5 minutes all the annoyances vanished. I find it quite odd that most of my runs start off sorta yucky for the first 5 minutes. Then everything usually clicks in place.

Afterwards we headed out to get some stuff for Easter fun, while sticking to a budget. We ended up with a glitter egg decorating pack, a cute egg plate, and some goodies to indulge in. I was going to go chocolate-free this Easter but couldn't resist the temptation of the season. I even have one peanut butter egg for me!

But things slowly started going downhill from there....and this is where my daily #HAWMC post comes in....what is the one thing I would change to make the world perfect.

My first thought was no more temper tantrums but honestly, it is just a sign of darling daughter pushing the limits, testing how far she can go, and builds character for future years. I really don't want her to never push the limits. But honestly, how much can one mom handle? Surprisingly I didn't get as annoyed with the tantrum today as I do other days. And it all started over a toy dog I said no to. Then there were ants in her bed and she could never sleep in it ever again (there are no ants in her bed). Then she was mad about the stuff we donated to thrift shop at our church and was certain that the shoes that were too small fit. Then Blossom, her toy dog at home, was in the box and she was very upset (the toy was safely at home). Next, the donation truck was coming and was going to take everything to Sunnyside Day Care...a place that isn't too sunny you know. As I type this it sounds hilarious with the escalation and creativity she comes up with but in all reality, the crying and screaming while you are driving home can try anyone's patience. After one final throwing all my toys on the ground (just the three from the car) and some foot stomping all settled down. I was lucky. The worse part only lasted about 20 minutes today.

So in a perfect world, I would give all moms a magic wand or a superpower to stop a temper tantrum when their limits have been reached. Wouldn't that be sweet?

Daily Gratitude: I am so thankful the temper tantrum worked its way out quickly.
Daily Affirmation: I have the patience to be a loving mom when my child is so very unhappy.


  1. Oh those days!! It would be amazing to have a magic wand to stop the tantrums! Glad you were up to the task of dealing today!

  2. as a not yet parent i would like the power to eat that candy and have six pack abs

    i agree a lot of runs for me start out kind of tough and then just settle in to great

    1. Thanks and everything in moderation!

  3. I used to keep a magic wand at my work desk; it was fun to whip it out and dub something "done" or "gone" or whatever. Note to self - really gotta get another.

    My run tonight almost didn't happen, then almost got cut short....SO glad I stuck it out. It wasn't filled with awesomeness, but it was so much better having finished what I started.

  4. My Goodness, I think you must have the patience of Job, Mama! Good for you to be able to be so philosophical about it all... and glad that tantrums pass!

  5. Anonymous1:37 AM

    I wish you had the power to grant that supermom power! It would be sweet indeed. For the most part, I can kind of tune out tantrums, but there are limits. The only saving grace about tantrums in my house, which I was surprised to learn seeing as I am an only child, is that when one kid is throwing a tantrum, the other one turns super good. (Look, mom, I'm the sweet one!) LOL Gotta take what you can out of these. I agree, though, for the most part the stubborn, creative, insistent side that comes out during tantrums can be taxing, but I just tell myself these same qualities will serve them well later in life. Big picture and all that.


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