I write about my health because.....

What a great prompt from WEGO Health. I have written about why I blog but why do I write about my health?

Because I am passionate about fitness and one's health has a central role in that.

I love how running makes me feel, I love how eating right makes me feel, but I also know how feeling stressed can try to persuade me to make bad decisions. And by bad I mean unhealthy. I blog about my health as it relates to all aspects of my life to share my story. This not only benefits me as documenting where I have been, where I am going, and what I have achieved but can provide examples (good and bad) to others and perhaps help them along their journey.

Humans are meant to be social and to learn from one another. The world is so large and busy and I am amazed but how technology is letting some of us like-minded peeps to connect. But still....why health? I mean I could have chosen to connect over literature and created a virtual book club. That kinda sounds cool, doesn't it?

But in all reality, if I had a virtual book club I would be picking any and every book I could find on running, fitness, and health. It is who I am. I am a fitness enthusiast. And you know what? I don't think I really had a choice in the matter. I truly feel it is my purpose in life....to share my passion for health and running. Am I living up to my full potential? I am not sure yet but I am definitely on the right course. How do I know this is what my spirit is supposed to be doing? It is the sense of peace, the breath of fresh air I feel when I write a post, the sense of serenity and happiness I get when I tell my stories (the good and the bad), and the amazement I feel when I read comments from readers and posts from other bloggers.

There are a lot of amazing people out there making amazing decisions to be healthier. I am happy to be a part of it and hope every so often I inspire one person to step outside of their comfort zone so that they can find their strong and be healthier.

Daily Gratitude: I am grateful for my loving family.
Daily Affirmation: I am empowered and empowering.

P.S. My March review will be coming soon!


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    1. In a way, I feel I could have written this post. It's funny how you just know that this was something that you were meant to do. I have to add, though, that one of the reasons I am writing about health myself is to stay motivated. The more I write about them, the easier I find it to stay focused on my goals. :)

      ~Sorry about deleting my comment - I had a typo I wanted to fix. :P

  2. Great post!! I feel the same way!!


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