The Dog Ate My Training Report.....

Sure, you may think it is just a toy dog but it really does walk and bark....and eats my training reports!

But enough silliness, I don't know where time went but March was wonderful!

Check out my stats from March 2011...or read more HERE. Just don't ask me how runningahead.com has 80.8 miles and my paper log from last year has 79.54 miles. Either I input something wrong online or I hit a wrong button and that itty bitty calculator. Gotta love daily mile these days!

And take a look at March 2012....

What caught my attention immediately, besides logging 19 more miles, was that with those miles, and running every day, I only ran about 25 more minutes! Amazing, huh? That is less than a minute a day if you were to average it out over the month so yes, this running mom can take that little bit of extra time for herself each and every day. Oh yeah, it helps I am getting a wee bit faster too.  And it seems March marks my one-year anniversary with my foam roller, I still love that purchase, and I am still dealing with a pesky piriformis. But in all reality, I feel it is always going to be there for me complaining every now and then. And I just embrace it as a reminder to stretch and roll some more.

I ran one race in March....and PR'd. I ran my third half marathon for the year. I become a FitFluential ambassador. And I quit drinking diet coke!

I feel the proverbial doors opening up for me as I embrace life and the new challenges it brings and with that, I am taking the time for almost every blog post to include a daily gratitude (outward focused) and a daily affirmation (inward focused). I would love to say I am stress-free but nope. I'm not. But I feel I am better able to handle at least some of the stresses in life.....unless I am really near that tipping point.

My goals for the remainder of April are to keep running daily and to stick to my maintenance plan. I have not officially started marathon training yet. I also hope to get my information for #OpHardcoreFit turned in on time and hey, maybe you will read about April before a week of May has gone by!

Daily Gratitude: I am thankful for kind customer service representatives who are patient with silly questions.
Daily Affirmation: Patience is like a muscle that grows stronger every time I use it. 


  1. What an incredible, successful month! Congratulations on all of your accomplishments—a PR and quitting diet coke in the same month is beyond amazing—and I can't wait to see what you'll accomplish in April! :)

  2. Woohoo! That's an amazing month!! I noticed that right away about running more miles with only a few more minutes than last March. And awesome on the FitFluential Ambassadorship!!

    1. Good eyes Running Moose and Mahalo!

  3. Great month! I wish I could give up my Diet Pepsi habit. It is the one last little vice that gets me through the day. UGH!


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